F*ck Off: Sam Bee Rips Fox News and Trump for Gloating Over Mueller Report

In her first incident since America got its first glimpses of the Mueller report, Samantha Bee memo how “weird” it is that all those epoches President Trump screamed” No collusion !” he was ” technically telling the truth .” The Full Frontal multitude added,” Maybe Ted Cruz &# x27; s papas actually did kill JFK !”

” You know, it’s not bad news that we just found out the U.S. chairperson didn &# x27; t illegally collude with Putin. That’s great !” Bee declared.” Good chore Trump for likely not doing a crime so crazy it voiced like an episode of 24 as written by MAD store .”

” That is an fantastically low-pitched table, but you cleared it ,” she continued.” And we know that clearing things low on the ground is your biggest dread. The truth is impeachment was always simply a beautiful daydream. I envisage most of us is aware of the fact that, something to get us through the long plod of Trump &# x27; s presidency like thinking about Tom Hardy during enduring copulation with Tom Hiddleston .”

” But that doesn &# x27; t compile the gloating on the right any more manageable ,” Bee said, pointing to the Fox& Friends win sip in particular.” Oh no, Doocy learned how to read! Pretty soon he &# x27; s going to learn how to open doors .”

” And Trump &# x27; s Tv lineage are not the only ones celebrating ,” she lent.” Now that Trump has shown that the gauntlet doesn &# x27; t fit, he &# x27; s advertise his intent to catch the real assassin: Democrat .”

In response to Trump menacing “the other side,” Bee said,” It &# x27; s nuts to act like the Mueller investigation was just a Democratic smear enterprise. For one thing, it wasn &# x27; t Democrat.” A Republican deputy AG commissioned a Republican special counsel after a Republican FBI director got fired. Remember, this was mid-2 017. Democrats had no dominance to mount a witch hunt. They were so far in the desert the issue is lodged under that cliff from 127 Hours !”

The host also went after the president for telling TV news makes to stop booking guests who intimated he may have colluded with Russia.” Wow, typically when he writes to Tv producers, it’s to ask them to hide footage of him saying the’ n-word .'” Speaking on behalf of all TV creators, Bee told Trump to “fuck off.”

” Telling news programs to blacklist the president &# x27; s enemies is a clear attack on the freedom of the press ,” Bee said.” Likewise, since when did you have a problem with lying on TV? Lying on TV is Kellyanne Conway’s part resume .”

” Of direction, Russia stuff is only one of the many accusations that Donald Trump is facing ,” she included eventually.” It may well be the only one likely to get him impeached, but he &# x27; s still facing allegations of campaign finance misdemeanours and tax fraud. And as always, make &# x27; s recollect, Donald Trump admitted to unlawful sexual intercourse .”

” The Mueller report was never going to fix our republic ,” Bee continued.” Pondering it would is like deliberation bashes would cook your identity. There &# x27; s much more mistaken and it &# x27; s harder to change. The Russian authority was able to hack our ballots and destabilize our republic. The chairwoman picked an united states attorney general who said he didn &# x27; t believe it was possible for a sitting president to be indicted. We have a Senate majority leader which have already been kept intelligence about Russian hacking from the public and then the coming week stymie a motion to have the full report secreted .”

” You don &# x27; t necessity the Mueller report to tell you will that Trump is a bad, tainted follower ,” she said.” He is just one part of what has proceeded horribly erroneous with our government and the most wonderful behavior to make real change is by prevailing an election. No one is coming to save us but us. In the end, the real Robert Mueller was inside us all along .”

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