Lyfts IPO is hot, YC Demo Day, two new unicorns and whats Boy Brow?

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Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

This week Kate Clark and Alex Wilhelm took us through an IPO, a big round, 943 startup tars, two new unicorns and some scooter story. A particularly 2019 mix, really.

Up firstly we took a peep at the most recent developments from the Lyft IPO chronicle. Recall that Lyft is pulsating Uber to the public sells, and we are going to be able declared that it’s having a good time doing so. The popular ride-hailing busines, second-place by market share in its domestic marketplace, is oversubscribed at an already health valuation. If the company will heighten its rate and the increasing numbers of shares that it sells isn’t yet known, but early clues indicate that Lyft duration its IPO well.

Next, we made a look at the recent OpenDoor round that has been long-rumored. Tipping the scale of assessments at $300 million, and appreciating the home-buying-and-selling startup at $3.8 billion, the company’s recent equity affair “ve been a little” higher than expected. There are other participates in its cavity, and the conglomerate isn’t yet recession-tested. All the same, a Murderers’ Row of capital lined up for the latest round.

Moving on, Kate went to Y Combinator’s Demo Day and got a closer look at the accelerator’s latest quantity. There were a ton of two-minute slopes, many of which reverberated the same, but risks are we’ll visualize a few unicorns originating from the bunch. And, interesting delicacy, some of the companies actually forwent Demo Day and invoked fund before they could made the stage!

Later, we discuss two new unicorns. This week’s unicorns had a topic and one that was new to Equity. This time, both the billion-dollar ventures mentioned on the prove were founded by girls. As Kate observed, there aren’t too many of those, so to see two in the same week is great.

Glossier, founded by Emily Weiss, brought in a $100 million Series D led by Sequoia Capital. The round values the beautiful business at a whopping $1.2 billion, tripling the valuation it garnered with a $52 million Series C in 2018. As for Rent The Runway, a startup founded by Jen Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, it shut a $125 million round is presided over by Franklin Templeton Investments and Bain Capital Ventures. This round values the company at$ 1 billion. Hyman took to Twitter to share some inspirational terms on raising fund as the status of women, a pregnant girl, in ends!

And lastly, we made a look at a Parisian scooter levy. Principally because Alex wanted to talk about Paris.

And that’s Equity for the week. We’ll see you soon!

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