The 5 most obnoxious things from Devin Nunes’s lawsuit against Twitter

Devin Nunes is not amused by your Twitter jokes
Image: Getty Images

Devin Nunes, Republican congressman from California and Trump lapdog, is indicting Twitter for a deep funny reason.

The thrust of the Nunes’ lawsuit is that two mock chronicles — @DevinNunesMom and @DevinCow — libelled Nunes with the support provided by the third largest accused, strategist Liz Mair. Twitter is also mentioned in the clothing for just letting it happen. It too mentions “shadow banning, ” a mistaken declaration often made by reactionaries on Twitter that the stage quashes their tweets.

The part filing is about 40 sheets and can be read now, but below is a selection of the portions that realise us el oh el the most.

The accountings in question

Credit to @DevinNunesMom for breathing new life into the “your mom” category of jokes. The account , now suspended, had the word “parody” in its Twitter bio, but that wasn’t enough to keep it off the chopping block. Still, it’s recreation to envisage Nunes being triggered by such a schoolyard-style taunt.

More imaginative is @DevinCow, playing off of Nunes’ early life growing up on a raise. One humorous place of fallout: @DevinCow has picked up millions of Twitter partisans thanks to the lawsuit. Probably not the effect Nunes was hoping for.