Lady Gaga reacts to pregnancy rumors with a truly A+ tweet

Lady Gaga knows exactly how to handle pregnancy chitchat .
Image: Randy Holmes via Getty Images

What to do if you’re a famous person incessantly was seeking to environment a sea of dating chitchat and gestation rumors?

Well, if you’re Lady Gaga, you use it as a marketing opportunity.

Gaga’s path through gifts season has been hounded by rumors about her personal and magazine figurehead floods like this one 😛 TAGEND

Gaga doesn’t seem to be letting the rumor mill grind her down, though. And on Tuesday night, she used it to her advantage 😛 TAGEND

As any thickened Gaga fans will know, #LG6 refers to her sixth album.

There were many responses to that majestic tweet, but this one is probably the best.

Now the wait truly begins…

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