You can now get Hulu for free with a Spotify subscription


Pst: You can now get a free subscription to Hulu with a Spotify Premium account, the companies announced on Tuesday.

The two assistances previously expenditure $5.99 and a few months respectively, at a minimum. The last term the two services offered a spate of this type was last year when a bundle bundle expense $12.99. Here’s how to make it happen.

Is it worth it?

Users can gain access to millions of carols, thousands of podcasts, and a multitude of video with a single due. The brand-new Spotify Premium exclusively offers Hulu’s ad-supported design, which comes with value of ad infringes per hour.

There are a number of original programs that can only be seen with a Hulu subscription, like Future Man or Emmy-award winner The Handmaid’s Tale. Spotify Premium also offers several upgrades to the free Spotify experience, like high-definition tone character and inexhaustible hop-skips. Most importantly, Spotify Premium offers all your favorite music without constant stoppages from ads.

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