Trump Jr. weighs in on college admissions FBI scandal, gets owned


Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were on Tuesday part of a number of wealthy individuals indicted by the U.S. government in what essentially amounted to a pay-to-play arrangement for coming their children into society colleges.

Parents would pay a fixer who would help secure admission to universities, sometimes for the purposes of the masquerade of falsely depicting them as student-athletes, or is contributing to massage their applications and evaluation scores. The money generated was steered through a fake philanthropy, so that wealthy individuals could write off self-assured their children’s neighbourhood in college.

And the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr ., missed beings to know that the culture in “Hollywood” had him swaying his damn head.

The tweet by Lori Loughlin–which has since been deleted, together with her entire account–was her talking about doing the “right thing.” Trump Jr. was trying to highlight liberal hypocrisy, though it’s unclear about what.

But Trump Jr. perhaps should have had the self-awareness to sit this one out. While his father may never have bequeathed to a imitation charity to help assure Trump Jr.’s acceptance at the University of Pennslyvania, “his fathers” bequeathed a great deal of fund to the University of Pennsylvania, which certainly could have greased the skids for Trump Jr.’s acceptance into the school. In point, Trump may have donated virtually $1.4 million to the school, and perhaps as much as$ 5 million.

( While likewise … passing a fake philanthropy .)

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