NBAs Russell Westbrook makes profanity-laced threat to couple during game

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook get into a searing oral altercation with fans in the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Utah Jazz, Monday, March 11, 2019, in Salt Lake City. ( Associated Press)

Russell Westbrook wasn’t having any of it.

The Thunder ace ignite into a Jazz supporter while sitting on the bench during Oklahoma City’s 98 -8 9 earn in Utah on Monday evening. Westbrook, seen in a video affixed to Twitter by Desert News digital reporter Eric Woodyard, told security guards behind the bench that he would “f-k him[ the supporter] up” if he continued. The supporter was later identified as Shane Keisel by KSL5TV in Wyoming.

“I promise you, ” Westbrook hollered at Keisel, who are not able to be seen in the video. “You foresee I’m representing? I swear to God. I swear to God, I’ll f-k you up. You and your bride. I’ll f-k you up.”

Westbrook gaped back at the action on the court for a second before turned around to have another round at Keisel.

“I promise you. On everything I cherish. Everything I affection, ” Westbrook said. “I promise you.”

Westbrook told reporters after the game the devotee told him to “get down on my knees like you used to.” The All-Star guard said it was disrespectful, he thinks it’s racial and that there is no terms of protecting the players.


“Every time I come here[ to Utah] there are a lot of impudent things the hell is said, ” Westbrook said. “For me, I’m just not going to continue to make the disrespect for their own families. I just think there’s got to be something done. There’s got to be ramifications for those type of beings that come to the game time to do and say whatever they want to say.”

Keisel, speaking with KSL Sports, had a different take over the legend than Westbrook, who he said needed to be “professional.” Keisel said he and a smiling Westbrook were having “fun” during a affectionate backward and forward before Keisel manufactured statements about the wraps on Westbrook’s knees.

“He had heat[ on ]. I thought it was ice. I merely told him,’ sit and ice your knees bro, ’ ” Keisel said. “And he turned to me and was like,’ That’s heat. That’s heat.’ I’m like,’ Well you’re gonna need it’ and then it turned.”

Keisel took publish with Westbrook warning his wife.

“She never left her sit, never said a word, handwritings in her lap, ” he said.


Westbrook addressed the question by saying: “As for beating up his wife, I’ve never settled my hand on the status of women. I never will.”

Five Jazz devotees were given “warning cards” because their comments, gesticulates or behavior transgressed the NBA Fan Code of Conduct, according to Woodyard. They were allowed to return to their seats.

This isn’t the first time Westbrook has had an issues with followers in Utah. He became involved with a love sauntering off the court during last-place season’s playoff line with the Jazz, slamming a man’s cellphone as he accompanied to the tunnel after the Thunder were eliminated in Game 6.

“I didn’t confront supporters; followers confronted me, ” Westbrook said after that recreation. “Here in Utah, worker, a lot of irreverent, ribald the situation was said to the players now with these followers. It’s rightfully disrespectful. Talk about your families, your kids. It’s certainly contemptuous to the game, man.”


Teammate Patrick Patterson represented Westbrook, who had 23 extents and 11 rebounds, and perhaps molted some light on what the supporters were saying to the All-Star guard.

“Fans can say s-t about a males genealogy, partner,& kids .. Tell a musician “Get down on your knees like your are applied to, ” Patterson wrote on Twitter. “As people, what do you expect us to do? Shut up& dribble? No one is held accountable for their actions except for us. Devotees are protected in every course possible but not us.”

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