Hundreds to Plank Outside Supreme Court for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Michelle Howell was dallying dominoes with groupings of close friends when she abruptly had a” lightbulb moment .”

The Director of Partnerships and Branding for The Outrage–a popular activist apparel company–suddenly “ve got an idea” for how to celebrate Women’s History Month.

” By celebrating a woman who has relentlessly fought for right for 60 -plus-years ,” Howell told The Daily Dot .” One of our favorite icons and the OG feminist .”

On March 15, hundreds are expected to gather on the steps outside the Supreme Court building to reputation Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on her birthday. And they’ll perhaps break a sweat.

The Outrage is organizing” Plank Like RBG ,” to take place on the Supreme Court Justice’s 86 th birthday.

” We will take over the steps of the United States Supreme Court to revel in the celebration of all revels ,” Howell said.” Together as a community, we will plank like RBG, picturing our respect to the most supreme gal .”

The Daily Dot reached out to the Supreme Court’s Public Information Officer to ask about the happening, but Justice Ginsburg declined to comment.

The idea to plank in honour of Ginsburg draws from a viral photo of the then-8 5-year-old planking from June.

Ginsburg’s regular one-hour workouts are practically as notorious as her court rulings over the years, eliciting a book deal for her personal manager, Bryant Johnson, who she called the” most important person in her life” and merchandise.

” Our’ Plank Like RBG’ collection has is an element of our most popular accumulations since its launch ,” Howell said.

In interviews, Ginsburg has performed it very clear that she works out to stay health, and bides health to stay a part of the Supreme Court as long as she can.

” It’s not about how much RBG can bench ,” Johnson wrote in his notebook,” The RBG Workout .”” It’s about building sure she feels good enough to stay on the United states supreme court bench .”

Scenes of Ginsburg working out in her” super diva” sweatshirt in the documentary, “RBG,” likewise struck a chord with sees.

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