Russia plans to test a kill switch that disconnects the country from the internet

As a cyber-defensive measure, the Russian government will reportedly play-act a trial run of a measure that would effectively cut off the country from the rest of the world’s web.

Last year, Russia innovated its Digital Economy National Program, a strategy that would require Russian internet providers to remain functional in the event the two countries was cut off from worldwide internet. Under this plan, Russian ISPs would redirect network traffic to routing points within the country and rely on its own replica of the Domain Name System( DNS ), the index of regions and addresses that underpins the world internet.

The test run could be useful to the country for a few reasons. Mainly, Russia aims to simulate the drastic weighs it would take in the case of some kind of cyber threat to its national security. But for a country notorious for its restrictive environment for individual and press freedom, the test may also be a beneficial route is how the country could brandish a more closely held internet to limit its own beings and guard against foreign interests.

The extreme appraise, if successful, would allow Russia to effectively operate its own state-controlled internet and cut itself off from the nations of the world as it insures fit. While the test time is not yet known, it’s expected to happen before April 1 of this year, the last day for lawmakers to propose amendments to the Digital Economy National Program.

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