Congo’s new president urges thousands of exiles: Come home

Albert Tumba says he was forced to leave Congo in 2010 for neighboring Republic of Congo. As a writer, he had deplored negligence in the sports ministry and had to leave with his family out of anxiety for his safety.

“Threatened with death, I had to cross the river and contact Brazzaville, where I experience refugee status with my wife and children. Life is hard here but we are safe, ” the 65 -year-old Tumba said.

Now, after a historic ballot in Congo, he belief his “long ordeal” may come to an end.

He and tens of thousands of other Congolese who fled, principally for political rationalizations, to neighboring Republic of Congo under Joseph Kabila’s 17 -year rule are of the view that with opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi now president in their home country, they can visualize returning soon.

The brand-new director on Friday, during a visit to Republic of Congo’s capital, invited all political refugees to come home.

“All those who have left the country and which has now been pushed into deport for political or ideological reasonableness are free-spoken to return home, ” Tshisekedi said. “To you our compatriots of the diaspora, we will create favorable conditions to put an end to everything that fixed you flee abroad.”

Everyone will be needed to move Congo forward, Tshisekedi said. He has inherited a gigantic, disturbed commonwealth after a disputed election that was delayed due to more than two years as many were afraid that Kabila would try to stay in power.

“The long-awaited minute by more than 60,000( Congo) refugees in Congo Brazzaville has finally arrived. Because many of us, very old today, has still not going to survive( if Kabila remained on ), ” said the 71 -year-old E. Mutombo, who asserted that he had been close to the late President Mobutu Sese Seko. He came to Brazzaville in 1996 as Mobutu’s rule neared an end.

Many expatriates in Brazzaville had been part of the armed forces or special schism constituents during Mobutu’s era, or ought to have progressive members of the opposition party founded by Tshisekedi’s belatedly leader, Etienne.

“The reasons for political expatriate no longer exist, ” said Annie Mballa, a former harbour in a hospital in Congo’s capital, Kinshasa, who was exiled with her husband, a onetime military member under Mobutu. “Many of us have decided to return without waiting.”

But there have been some mixed reactions.

Gaelle Makambo, 21, said she welcomes the outreach by Congo’s new chairwoman but is still hesitant. She will wait for passport rates to go down and education to improve in Congo before returning, she said.


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