Elon Musk slashes free 6 months of Tesla charging for referred buyers

Charging? That’ll provided free of charge now .
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Last week Tesla CEO Elon Musk hurriedly ended sales of the lowest-priced Tesla Model S and X cars. Now, this week he’s slashing more following completion of Tesla’s customer referral program.

The eccentric billionaire tweeted Wednesday night that as of Feb. 1, the program that made cited Tesla buyers free six months of Supercharging( and three more months if they didn’t take a test ride) would be ending.

With the program’s discontinue comes the end of Tesla’s quirky benefits for coming your friends to buy the electric cars. For your first referral you got to opening your photo into deep space path. As the website excused, “We’ll laser-etch any idol onto glass and mail it into deep space trajectory for millions of years. We’ll too send you a limited copy hat to commemorate the launch.”

A second referral offered the choice between a Elon-signed pitch-black Wall Connector or a mini driveable electric Model S for kids .~ ATAGEND

Once you got up to five referrals you got a VIP invitation for you and a guest to a “future launching event.” Somewhat arrogant, but that Model Y has to come out at some part.

Every week the program apportioned a luck champion the have opportunities to “race a beings electric semi truck around our assessment track.”

That’s all ending.

Musk said on Twitter that the motivation planned was “adding too much cost to the cars, peculiarly Model 3. ” The Model 3 is the “budget” Tesla, starting at $45,000. Tesla’s Supercharging depots, or tight artillery charging portals, indict clients by the time or by kilowatt-hour( kWh ). In California, to perfectly bill a mid-range 62 kWh Model 3 expenditures about $16.

As of Monday, the 75 kWh battery versions of the original sedan and SUV Teslas were no longer available. Those vehicles with the smallest batteries were the cheapest available. Now the S and X both start at over $90,000.

Last year, Musk started trimming back gondola options to streamline the manufacturing process, like when paint complexions were taken away from menu.

At this frequency, Musk better keep at least one car on the menu.

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