Stephen Colbert has the perfect roast for why Trump picked ‘Game of Thrones’ for propaganda

Stephen Colbert has returned from a short break, while the U.S. government has not.

So, to catch up, the Late Show multitude invest ten marvelous hours on Monday evening perfectly cooking the president’s now 17 -day shutdown of the government, in which Donald Trump has demanded $5.7 billion to build his frontier wall.

Colbert gleefully slammed Trump’s am of the view that onetime chairpeople told him the wall should have already been constructed( they didn’t ), and that Barack Obama had the ultimate nerve to body-build walls (!) around his property( he didn’t ).

Along with a solid Pong remark, Colbert made up for his absence during Trump’s misguided Game of Thrones -themed propaganda campaign with a penetrating burn.

“I can understand why Trump enjoys that Game of Thrones wall, ” quipped Colbert. “Because the only hikers who got through were white.”

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