‘This is a BAD tweet’: WaPo writer OWNED for deleting Rep. Eric Swalwell’s border wall tweet in BS dunk on Dan McLaughlin

If you follow Dan McLaughlin at all you know he’s not commonly on Twitter trying to own the libs or dunk on Trump. Truth be told he’s a well-informed NRO writer who knows a good deal about baseball. So to see WaPo’s Dave Weigel purposely take Dan out of context to dunk on him over the border wall is pretty damn shaky.

Read more: https :// twitchy.com/ samj-3 930/2019/ 01/08/ this-is-a-bad-tweet-wapo-writer-owned-for-deleting-rep-eric-swalwells-border-wall-tweet-in-bs-dunk-on-dan-mclaughlin /~ ATAGEND

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