Potential mass shooters at this university will have to get by faculty armed with hockey pucks

As Twitchy reported last spring, a school neighborhood in Pennsylvania had decided to equip classrooms with 5-gallon pails of flow boulders for students to shed at any vicious intruder who performed through the door.

The idea was met with ridicule at the time, but Oakland University in Michigan has upped the gambling, and the module consolidation has distributed( branded) hockey pucks to its 800 the member states and hopes to weapon an additional 1,700 students with hockey pucks to propel at a gunman.

Read more: https :// twitchy.com/ brettt-3 136/2018/ 11/28/ potential-mass-shooters-at-this-university-will-have-to-get-by-faculty-armed-with-hockey-pucks /

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