‘Harry Potter’ star Tom Felton sports new look in TV appearance

Tom Felton sported a new look in a recent impression on “Good Morning Britain.” ( JB Lacroix/ Getty Images)

Draco Malfoy no more!

On Wednesday, Tom Felton appeared on “Good Morning Britain” to promote his new YouTube series, “Origin, ” glancing good-for-nothing like the clean-cut child starring that once razzed Harry Potter while representing his Slyerin nemesis.

Sporting long mane tied in a man-bun and glasses, the 31 -year-old sat down for a lighthearted chat about being near the epicenter of the Wizarding World and his new science fiction project.

At the outset of the segment, the show’s co-host, Piers Morgan, received information that his own son, Spencer Morgan, who normally has no those who are interested in the day-to-day goings-on of his vocation, came onto the studio determined strictly because Felton was going to be on.

But his fandom for Harry Potter doesn’t stop there. Morgan too revealed that his son has a tattoo reputation the book succession and cinemas. Spencer then presented the cameras his ink — the Deathly Hallows on his arm.

Tom Felton boasted a new look in a recent appearance on “Good Morning Britain.” ( YouTube)

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“Yeah, the Harry Potter glow is not going anywhere anytime soon, ” Felton asked when asked about the series’ feverish fandom. “I’m assembling brand-new supporters every day.”

“Obviously, yeah, it has changed my life beyond acknowledgment, ” he added. “But at the same go, I don’t certainly realise myself as a Harry Potter idol. I only feel like that when I sit here and get questions[ like] that.”

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Clearly, Felton intends to flourish in the acting life well beyond his seeds at Hogwarts.

Felton also recently performed in fellow Brit James Arthur’s music video for his new single, “Empty Space.” In it, Felton illustrates a overcome suitor sorrowing the loss of a relationship. He boozes heavily, strays alone and breaks down before the camera — once again, a far cry from his eras as Draco.

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In his new show, “Origin, ” he plays Logan, one of a group of strangers who becomes stranded on a spacecraft headed to a remote planet. As they learn working in conjunction in order to subsist, one of the individual’s true planneds become apparent.

The show will be available on YouTube Premium on Nov. 14.

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