20 startups take center stage at Berkeley SkyDecks demo day

The largest-ever Berkeley SkyDeck demo day knocked off with a high-energy operation from the Cal marching band, positioning the feeling for the purposes of an afternoon of appearances from none other than Berkeley faculty and students-turned-entrepreneurs.

Launched in 2012 as a meagre accelerator for student-run professions, SkyDeck has flourished since its inception. To appointment, the program has mentored 300 startups, which have gone on to raise $800 million via 27 funding rounds and 10 buy transactions. Earlier this year, it created a $24 million venture fund so it could finally seed participating startups with $100,000 in exchange for 5 percentage equity. Today’s cohort is merely the second to receive an investment from SkyDeck as part of the accelerator.

To participate in SkyDeck’s accelerator program, startups must have at least one founding member attending any of the University of California campuses as an undergraduate or graduate student. Department representatives are also able to apply. Executive director Caroline Winnet said they plan to invest half that fund’s earnings back into the university.

Lime, the bike- and scooter-sharing startup, is the biggest success floor to emerge from SkyDeck. The companionship was created by Cal grads Toby Sun and Brad Bao, who were part of a 2017 SkyDeck cohort. Kiwi Campus, a robotics startup focused on last-mile give, and TDK-acquired Chirp Microsystems,are also SkyDeck graduates, as is the mental health startup Aura, which announced a $2.5 million financing just last week.

SkyDeck works with two cohorts of business per year for another period of six months each.

Here’s a look at the 20 startups that demoed for investors on Berkeley’s campus today:

PredictEV: Focused on the boasts and esports grocery, PredictEV is a blockchain-powered social network for love to bet on plays with cryptocurrency.

Researchably: Targeting medical experiment, pharma sales and outreach teams, the startup plies a research-based medical advice system.

Triton: A application scaffold that helps media fellowships accommodate content to each individual reader or see. Triton is currently running pilots with Vanity Fair and The CW.

Predictim: An AI-powered platform that accesses a person’s trust and reliability. The purpose is to remove threat for members of the sharing economy. Basically, it will help you figure out if your dog-walker is a murderer.

Seamless Microsystems: Schemes and makings semiconductor chips for consumer medical imaging, 5G networking LIDAR in autonomous driving and more.

SoftRides: Apply AI and a smartphone’s idol sensor to spy confused driving behavior and notify you in real time.

Eye Level.AI: Founded by a group of former IBM Watson hires, Eye Level.AI offer an analytics-driven pulpit to abet chatbot property owners to monetize current useds and allure new ones.

Eye Level.AI

Perfect Dashboard: An AI-powered online marketplace for connecting SaaS products to small businesses.

The SMBX: A suppliers of a mobile marketplace that are linked small businesses with people interested in investing in them.

Chameleon Biosciences: A startup focused on revolutionizing gene therapy to give rare diseases.

ThinkCyte: The busines has invented new imaging engineering be included with machine learning, announced Ghost Cytometry, to analyze and separate cells for treat finding, cadre therapy and clinical diagnostics.

Snipfeed: With 44,000 weekly active customers, Snipfeed cures Generation Z mobile consumers evade misinformation online with its AI-powered story and information recommendation engine.

DropEx: A business networking app and relationship conduct system.

Peanut Robotics: The startup’s consumer-facing robot can control household entries to assist with cleansing at inns, places and airports.

Empire Biotechnologies: The fellowship is developing therapies for gastrointestinal topics, solely short-lived bowel syndrome. Empire’s drug is used to control the absorption of nutrients through the digestive system.

Humm: A make of wearable cognitive carry-on improvement hardware created by a group of researchers at the University of Western Australia.

CoolJamm: An automated music producer and suggestions machine that uploads immediately to YouTube.

Bungee: Extended by three former Amazon hires, Bungee cures e-commerce customs mine geo-specific data to create a recommendation engine for premium, publicities and inventory.

SimpleDataLabs: The inventor of Prophecy, a predictive analytics platform focused on business analysts and executives.

Skyloom: The busines wants to improve space-to-Earth its communication and open” the real financial capability of low-toned Earth orbit” with its spaceborne infrastructure.

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