Leave it to Matt Yglesias to crap on Sara Carter’s call for unity and civility

As Twitchy told you, Fox News contributor Sara Carter wrote a powerful response to SNL and Pete Davidson’s mockery of GOP House candidate and wounded veterinarian Dan Crenshaw, is recommended that they put aside petty partisan nastiness and learn to just say ” Thank you for your service .”

Seems like a jolly world-wide letter, right? Not if you’re Matt Yglesias. Leave it to this clown is striving to drivel on Carter’s call for solidarity and civility:

Read more: https :// twitchy.com/ sarahd-3 13035/2018/ 11/05/ leave-it-to-matt-yglesias-to-crap-on-sara-carters-call-for-unity-and-civility /~ ATAGEND

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