Eaze co-founder Keith McCarty raises $5M for his new B2B cannabis startup

Keith McCarty couldn’t stay out of the booming weed business for long.

The co-founder and former chief executive officer of the well-funded marijuana transmission startup Eaze has propelled WAYV, a B2B cannabis logistics and conformity stage that gives record to cannabis retailers. Today, the company is announcing its first round of funding, a$ 5 million grain round is presided over by David Sacks at Craft Ventures. The round represents the former PayPal executive’s firstly investment in the cannabis engineering sector.

Other investors in the round declined to be named.

McCarty and Sacks previously worked together at Yammer, a private social networking tool used by organizations created by Sacks in 2008. The fellowship sold to Microsoft in 2012 for $1.2 billion, presenting McCarty and several others enough currency to experiment. For McCarty, that intended exploring the hazy and unfamiliar domain that was marijuana delivery.

McCarty, nonetheless, mysteriously left Eaze title as the company gained significant friction. Neither the company nor McCarty ever explained the shake-up; McCarty was quickly ousted by another former Yammer employee, Jim Patterson, the founder and former CEO of Zinc. In a discourse with TechCrunch, McCarty didn’t clarify the nature of his exit.

He did say that the idea for WAYV came from observing the difficulties of cannabis supply chain logistics during his time at Eaze.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, WAYV connects licensed cannabis a corporation to licensed symbols and specifies next-day give of cannabis commodities — it’s essentially Eaze for the cannabis organization not the average cannabis purchaser. The startup was founded last year and has so far provided with retailers in California only.

As a second-time cannabis founder, McCarty said construct WAYV has been a lot different than propelling Eaze, which was one of the first big-name smoke tech companies.

” Back in 2014,[ Eaze was] one of the first to cause risk capital, the information was various kinds of unheard of ,” McCarty told TechCrunch.” Now, the majority of Americans favor legalization. For medical, it’s 90 percent and for adult recreational, it’s more than 60 percent. As we Americans continue to kindnes legalization and that stigma is removed , not just medical but also adult utilize, it’s going to draw attention and also investment .”

Venture capital investment in cannabis startups has ceased to climbing, most notably after the state of California voted to decriminalize recreational marijuana use in 2016. According to Crunchbase, $700 million has been funneled into the gap since 2014.

” The industry is moving at such a quick rhythm, it’s really exciting to be a part of ,” McCarty added.

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