The Infatuation raises $30M from Jeffrey Katzenbergs WndrCo to bring Zagat into the digital age

WndrCo, the interests of consumers tech speculation and holding company founded by longtime Hollywood executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, has invested $30 million in The Infatuation, a diner detection platform.

The Infatuation constituted motions the beginning of this year when it purchased Zagat from Google,which had paid $151 million for the 40 -year-old company in 2011.Despite efforts to makeover the Zagat app, the search monstrou ultimately made a decision to unload the perennial diner review and recommendation services and focus on expanding its database of eatery recommendations organically.

New York-based The Infatuation was founded by music manufacture veterinarians Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal in 2009. It has previously raised $3.5 million for its portable app, contests, newsletter and personalized SMS-based recommendation tool.

Stang told TechCrunch this morning that they plan to use a good gob of the funds to develop the brand-new Zagat scaffold, which will be kept separate from The Infatuation.

” The first thing we were just trying to do before we build anything is spend a lot of time researching how people have use Zagat in the past, how they want to use it in the future, what a community-driven pulpit could look like and how to apply society reviews and ratings to the brand ,” said Stang, The Infatuation’s chief executive officer.” Zagat’s seeds are in user-generated content . … What we are doing now is thinking through what that looks like with new tech applied to it. What it looks like in the digital senility. How[ we are going to be able] make our orbit their skills and that famous label and stir something new with it .”

The Infatuation will also expand to new municipals beginning this transgression with propels in Boston and Philadelphia. It’s already active in a dozen or so U.S. metropolis including Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco. The startup’s firstly and simply international location is London.

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s NewTV closes a billion-dollar round, says report

Katzenberg, who began his Hollywood career at Paramount Pictures, began raising up to$ 2 billion for WndrCo about a year ago. Since then, he’s launched WndrCo’s brand-new mobile video startup NewTV, which has raised$ 1 billion and hired Meg Whitman, the former chairwoman and CEO of Hewlett Packard, as CEO.

On top of that, WndrCo has invested in Mixcloud, Axios, Node, Flowspace, Whistle Sports, TYT Network and others.

Given The Infatuation benefactors’ knowledge in the entertainment industry, a partnership with Katzenberg was natural.

” We genuinely felt like between content and technology they had … expertise on both sides ,” Stang said.” The Infatuation is at its best when great content meets with great engineering, to find a store that was perfectly suited to that was energizing .”

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