Nintendos NES Switch controllers activate the nostalgia centers (and wallets) of retro gamers

The news that Nintendo would be adding NES competitions to the Switch as part of its paid online service had a mixed festivity, but the company has completely made up for purposes of the present contentious decision by liberating wireless NES controllers with which to play those plays. At $60 they’re a bit steep, but come along. You know you’re going to buy them eventually. Probably next week.

The controllers were exposed during the latest Nintendo Direct video word dump, alongside a emcee of other nostalgia rockets, like a brand-new Animal Crossing and about a million Final Fantasy ports. But first the detailed those sweet, sweetened controllers.

They’re surely NES-style down to the buttons, symbolizing they aren’t going to supplant your dwelling Switch Joy-Cons. So why do they cost so much better? Because Nintendo. At least they’re wireless and they charge up by slotting onto the Switch’s line-ups like Joy-Cons. And they do have shoulder buttons, though, for some reason.

You’ll be able to pre-order a two-pack starting on the 18 th for $60, which likewise happens to be the launching date for Nintendo Switch Online. Yeah, it’s time to fork over for that online play Nintendo has generously given away for so long.

Fortunately, as you may remember from previous proclamations, the cost is nice low-spirited; $20 per year, and it gets you online recreation access and a ripening library of NES classics. Ten of those recreations were confirmed before, but 10 more were added to the index today.

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