Its Friday, so heres a rap video about scooter startup Bird

Listen, if you’re the types of person who wants to watch a hip-hop video about scooters, here’s a rap video about scooters. Don’t let me stop you.

Also, if you make it to the end, you are able to as well stick around for the approvals. For one thing, you’ll learn that it was be administered by Andrew Oleck, the man who started that fake Mark Zuckerberg video,” A World Without Facebook .”

And then there’s the disclaimer:” This video is not an advertisement. It is comedic caricature. Bayview Drive Films is not endorsed, affiliated or otherwise sponsored by Bird .”

It’s the kind of message that creates more questions than it refutes. Like: What’s the joke here? Is the video pro-scooter, anti-scooter, neither, both? Was I supposed to laugh? I mean, I chuckled a bit at the rubber chicken, but principally I squirmed. Is that regular? Would I have gotten more out of it if I listened to more hip-hop? Or if I’d ever been on a scooter? Right now, in the year 2018, is “satire” even possible?

In related information, here’s a synth-pop choru about Elon Musk. Glad Labor Day weekend!

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