Why Tiger Woods Trump Endorsement Makes Perfect Sense

There’s a genuinely foolish fable about a 21 -year-old Tiger Woods I predict in Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian’s fabulous account of the golfer I want to share with you. After he triumphed The Captains in 1997, one of the most dominant presentations in the history of boasts, he received his green shell, stepped off the field, and took a bawl from Bill Clinton, the president at the time. Clinton congratulated him–the first black husband to acquire a golf major and who managed to make it happen at the Augusta National Golf Club, one of America’s most historically racist sporting organizations that required all their caddies be black until 1959 and didn’t acknowledge black representatives until 1990.

Clinton invited Tiger to participate in a revel of the 50 -year anniversary of Jackie Robinson bursting the color barrier in baseball that would be taking place during a Dodgers/ Mets row at Shea Stadium eventually that week. Jackie Robinson’s widow would be there and everything. Clinton offered to send Air Force One to pick him up. A ordinary party is apparently do this without even thinking about it.

But Tiger Woods is not a regular party. He opted out of the ceremony and the trip in Us air force One, quoting previous plans–he had an opening to attend at an Official All Star Cafe franchise and a vacation in Cancun with some Stanford friends–and the last-minute nature of the request.

Jeff Norton, his manager, trying to do shatter assure, told the press that” There &# x27; s no bigger hero to anybody than Jackie Robinson is to Tiger Woods, but the president’s asking ought to have been expected Tiger being in Mexico on Wednesday noon instead of Tuesday morning .” This sentence is a completely crazy situation for the purposes of an American athlete, on the cusp of becoming one of the most famous jocks in America, to say. Who the hell would blow off the president, and Jackie Robinson’s widow, to go to Mexico almost immediately after indicating a massive addressed with Nike that would give him more than enough liquid capital to do both? He was in the Tri-State Area earlier that day hanging out at Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino. Was it really that tiring to take a two-hour detour through Monarches on his method to Cancun? Who would do this !?

The answer to that question is:” Tiger Woods, a giant fucking weirdo .”

This week, Tiger , now 42 and fading in and out of being profoundly soaped, did more crap that had to do with presidents and weirded everyone out. Since Trump was elected in 2016, he and Woods have played golf together, twice. They were acquainted before, of course, Trump being good-for-nothing if not a person who owns golf course and Tiger Woods being, uh, a golfer. But it’s hard not to stand at the place where we are right now, what with the ICE roundups, the president not saying anything about mass shootings caught on tape, and the daily fright substantiate of living in a country whose ostensible chairwoman pisses his breathes online every damn date, and think that anyone who chooses to continue associating with Trump is making a statement about whether or not “theyre about” OK with this maelstrom of horseshit.

And so, this weekend, at The Northern Trust tournament in Paramus, New Jersey, a reporter lastly got around to requesting him about it.” Well, I’ve known Donald for a number of years ,” he began, miraculously not seeming stressed out about it, at first.” We’ve frisked golf together and um … we’ve had dinner together, so yeah. I’ve known him, you are familiar, pre-presidency, and certainly during his presidency .”

The reporter greeted:” At days, especially 2018, I think a lot of people, especially people of color, immigrants[ Tiger’s mother, Kultida Woods, is a Thai immigrant ], are threatened by him and his program. What do you say to people who might find it interested that you have a friendly relations with him ?”

Tiger’s response is … strange, especially for a person who blew off the president once and must have studied this through at some object:” Well, he’s the president of the United States. You have to respect the part. No content who is in the bureau, you may like, scorn personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office .” Then, when asked if know expound on the issues at romp, he responded matter-of-factly:” No. I just finished 72 loopholes and really hungry .”

Trump, who loves it when famous people aren’t mean to him, feed it up:

Mediocre plays writer turned mediocre right-wing free-speech grifter Clay Travis also took some time out of his day to heap accolade on Tiger, who he claims is doing God’s work by forestalling politics as an athlete 😛 TAGEND

( Jordan probably didn’t say that, and applies out the ass to African-American causes, by the practice .)

In setting on and looking at all this, it’s pretty easy to assume that Tiger is on Team Trump in his mind, and that a lifetime of has become a rich buster who cheats on his wife has turned him into a Republican. But I suspect that might be only half the truth. He has likewise golfed with Obama, for instance, and did eventually frisk a round with Clinton( more on that particularly curious phenomenon later ).

It seems most likely that Tiger is such a superhuman compartmentalizer that he has absolutely no lust for his thoughts and compassions on anything to become general knowledge. Some of it is tactical, of course, like Travis suggests–there is no sport flesh, maybe ever, who has done more to be a universal chassis who can sell literally anything he demands. But some of it travels deeper than that, into the essence of his ego.

There’s a piece in Benedict and Keteyian’s book that illuminates this, because, yes, Tiger is a tactical being, for sure, but he is also a being of obscene educate, a guy whose judgment was tempered by “his fathers” in ways that were profoundly distorted:

Earl would eventually boast to golf writers that he would jingle the altered in his pocket when Tiger was putting, or he would cough or remove his golf luggage during Tiger’s backswing.” It was psychological warfare ,” Earl wrote in his memoir.” I wanted to make sure he would never run into anybody who was tougher mentally than he was, and we achieved that .”

The narratives, when told by Earl and others, seemed benign–just one more cunning exercise progressed from a leader to a lad. In actuality, as Tiger would divulge long after his father’s death, some of Earl’s tricks, under today’s standards, frontier on corruption.

” My papa intentionally abused a good deal of profanity when I was reaching pellets, all the time, and throughout my shaking ,” Tiger said. “‘ Fuck off, Tiger ,’ he would sometimes say . . . It was’ motherfucker’ this,’ you little fucking shit ,’ or’ How do you feel being a little nigger ?’– things of that sort.” He forever positioned me down ,” Tiger withdrew.” Then, when I truly came mad, he would say,’ I know you want to hurl down that fraternity, but don’t you dare get it on! Don’t you dare !’ He would push me to the breaking point, then back down. Propagandize me to the breaking point, then back down. It was wild .”

We may never know how Tiger actually felt at senility eleven, twelve, or thirteen as he was repeatedly called those humbling appoints by his father. But in 2017, at age forty-one, Woods said this about the experience:” I required him to push me to the edge of not wanting to continue, because I had to learn to block out any suffer of insecurity. We had a code name that I could use whenever I recalled I couldn’t take it anymore. But I never exerted the system text. I was never going to give in to what he was doing. I was a quitter if I utilized the code oath. I don’t discontinue .”

The system word that Tiger never delivered was fairly .

If this is the kind of shit he would do himself time swallow, that he would push deeper inside and golf through, the saunters of an old crank almost certainly wouldn’t do much, at the least when there’s something to be gained from telling him drone on. Monster has uttered his whole life on the principle of putting everything in a little box and dispersing it from everything else. How else do you think he was able to convince himself that he was going to get away with shafting half the PGA Tour without his wife finding out? His entire life has extended this practice: slick public exterior , not saying anything out of line , not giving himself express a belief or a sentiment he doesn’t want to a person he doesn &# x27; t want to express it very, then pushing any negative notion or mental lethal into altering his swinging, again, or banging some cocktail waitress.

It indeed wouldn’t matter if Donald Trump really did unnerve him with his safarus hyperbole. His very nature would expect that he put that substance away and keep moving. It’s not moral, I don’t think, it’s not the kind of thing that makes a better nature, but it’s the thing that works for him.

Then again, the next part of Tiger’s history with Clinton, as told in Benedict and Keteyian’s book, might demonstrate a little comeback to this. Because, yes, he did eventually regret his decision to blow off the president, when he founded the Tiger Woods Learning Center and wanted the ex-president’s helping hand in getting it off the anchor in 2006. He demanded the president to show, but, as a serial collector of displeasures, figured he never would–that Clinton hated him and wouldn’t get over it. Of trend, Clinton, an adult who loves accommodation, didn’t really care about what a 21 -Year-Old Moron did nine years earlier and agreed to make love as long as Tiger called and asked him personally, and consented to a round of golf with him in Orange County. Tiger gritted his teeth and did it. What happens then is wild:

On the day before the official opening of the discover centre, Woods assembled Clinton, Doug Band, plays worker Arn Tellum, and Wasserman for the promised round of golf at Shady Canyon Country Club in Irvine. Tiger was having breakfast with McLaughlin in the clubhouse when Tellum and Wasserman approached. At that site, Woods had never met either humankind. Dispensing with forewords, Tiger wanted to know if the president had arrived. When told Clinton was on his highway, Woods replied with a straight face,” I can’t wait to talk about pussy .”

The round that followed was apparently seriously ungainly. And so, perhaps, we are left to wonder if Tiger actually does respect the department of the president, or if he merely respects dudes he can talk about strange copulation trash with. Trump certainly certifies, if that’s the case.

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