‘Almost like they have an AGENDA’. Sean Davis highlights how differently the FBI treated Feinstein’s Chinese spy vs Trump

In contingency you missed it, and the course the media has NOT been flooding it’s likely you have, it was discovered a few epoches back that Sen. Diane Feinstein had a Chinese spy in her implement for 20 years. Yeah , no big deal, right?

There are moronic Broadway parties asserting Trump at the White House( even though he was in New Jersey) and that’s the real word ya’ know. Not the fact that even when Dianne found out about the see she just quietly shot him.

Read more: https :// twitchy.com/ samj-3 930/2018/ 08/07/ almost-like-they-have-an-agenda-sean-davis-highlights-how-differently-the-fbi-treated-feinsteins-chinese-spy-vs-trump /~ ATAGEND

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