Daily Shows Trevor Noah Hails Melania for Siding With LeBron Over Trump

” This is the president’s summer vacation, which entails he had a lot of time on his thumbs ,” Trevor Noah said Monday evening. In this case, he spoke of Donald Trump’s recent Twitter outburst against NBA starring LeBron James.

” Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon ,” Trump tweeted over the weekend.” He attained Lebron ogle smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike !”

“Really?” The Daily Show host questioned.” You know, Trump calling someone the’ dumbest man on tv’ is like R. Kelly singing about you fastening girls up .” After playing the CNN clip in which James praised the president for using sports to “divide” America, Noah contributed,” Wow, that is so strong. Imagine going through your whole living and never realizing that there were other people out there who were so easy to dunk on .”

” So once again, President Trump is clashing with a famed black person who dared to criticize him ,” Noah resumed. That acquired him ponder,” What do I have to do ?! Why do you discount me, Donald ?” Getting in a plug for his new book about the president’s tweets, he lent,” We even wrote a work !”

But it” wasn’t that surprising” that Trump proceeded after LeBron James, the host said.” What was surprising was who came to LeBron’s protection .” In the following statement, First Lady Melania Trump contradicted her husband, saying,” It was like LeBron James is working to do good occasions on behalf of our next generation and just as she always has, the First Lady heartens everyone to have an open dialogue about issues facing children today .”

” Guys, I’m starting to think that maybe Melania’s not joyful in her wedding ,” Noah said , noting that this is the fourth season the first lady has publicly opposed the president.” English may not be her maternal language, but she clearly is fluent in hurling shade .”

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