Rick Gates Flips on Manafort, Says They Committed Crimes Together

Rick Gates flipped on his former business collaborator Paul Manafort Monday, witnessing in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, that he committed crimes with the onetime Trump campaign chairman. When asked by Assistant U.S. Attorney Uzo Asonye if he was involved in any criminal activity with Manafort, Gates apparently responded “yes.” When Azonye asked if he perpetrated any felonies with Manafort, Gates said ” yes” again. CNN reports that Gates then told prosecutors that he and Manafort had 15 overseas accountings that they did not to be submitted to federal prosecutors, and that he did not defer the required documentation for these notes” at Mr. Manafort’s tack .” Gates also said that he had cheated Manafort out of” several hundred thousand” by submitting spurious expenditure reports. Earlier, Manafort’s defense implied that Gates pilfered “millions of dollars” from his accounts. This comes after Gates agreed to cooperate with special lawyer Robert Mueller’s investigation as part of a plea cope. Manafort is on trial on bank and tax fraud charges.

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