‘Hooyah’: Rescuers at Thai cave prepare for final push to save players after successful extractions

Thai Navy SEALS on Monday proudly announced their latest successful extraction of four adolescent football players caught in a cave by adopting the U.S. Navy’s “Hooyah! ”

Authorities on Tuesday started their final push.

Reuters reported that eight participates have been extricated in dangerous strives by a world-class international team of divers.

There is optimism that the dive team is getting more efficient in their attempts. They successfully obtained the second group of four a full two hours faster than the first, officials said.

“Two periods, eight Boars, ” read a Facebook post by the Thai navy SEALS about the operation at the Tham Luan Nang Non cave that has been initiated Sunday, more than two weeks after the Wild Boars soccer team became trapped.

Their houses were being kept at a distance because of nervousness of infection and the emaciated-looking sons were ingesting a rice-based porridge because they were still too weak to make regular food, powers added. All those removed reportedly testified signalings of infection.

The chances of monsoon rains developing ocean in the cave again, threatening their dry recourse and representing the escape itinerary too risky, were never far from the minds of everyone involved.

The plight of the boys, aged 11 -1 6, and their coach-and-four, has riveted Thailand and much “of the worlds” — from the heart-sinking news they were missing to the firstly flickering video of the squat of anxious hitherto smiling sons once they were found by the pair of British divers deep in the sprawling cave.

Writing in elegant Thai script, the boys suggested their parents not to annoy, adding that they hoped they wouldn’t get too much homework after being rescued and couldn’t wait to eat their favorite foods again.

All lotions, including ousting the oxygen cylinders situated along the superhighway out in the cave, take at least 20 hours, he read. The safety of the divers, who have meticulously projected members of the mission, is also paramount.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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