Trump Gives Away the Store in Singapore

Today’s Agenda

  • Everything you need to know about Trump’s Singapore summit
  • The year in megadeals
  • The perilous quest for the excellent Fed proportion
  • Deep nose-dive: China’s master plan for global domination


AT& T can buy Time Warner after all. Seems Trump adviser Peter Navarro didn’t actually require the prime minister of Canada to go to Hell. Burger King assembled the fun of roasting IHOP( B ). Theresa May acquired. Or lost? Who can really reply? Tesla cut hassles.

” I’ve made a huge mistake .”
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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sea of Fire

Here’s a Hot Take: War is bad, and agreement is good.

President Donald Trump’s Singapore sit-down with Kim Jong Un has at the least delayed battle with North Korea, and that is good. But retarding fighting are not the same thing as preventing it, and not all delaying measures are good( appreciate the Missouri Compromise, Dredd Scott decision, etc .). The general consensus is that Trump established Kim and China too much- effusive praise, military-exercise adjournment, frequent back-pats- and get little in return.

  • Bloomberg’s journalists , for example, assert that other presidents have achieved more “ve had to” glad-hand a member of the murderous Kim family. And now U.S. leveraging is fading .
  • Yes, the decades-old playbook for North Korea had neglected, and maybe Trump was right to toss it. But Kim and China know Trump is so hungry for unruly deal-making that he might also toss the decades-old certificate policy preventing the U.S. and its Pacific collaborators safe, informs Michael Schuman .
  • Eli Lake proposes Trump’s summit was really exactly” the same formula that American directors have tried since Bill Clinton: your nukes for your government .” But Trump met concerns worse by legitimizing and perhaps significantly cementing that appalling regime in place .

    Singapore wasn’t all for nothing. Kim has exhausted some captives and promised to return the authorities of American war dead- not to mention the whole” peace is good” occasion. Leonid Bershidsky tells such advantages are worth whatever cost Trump paid. And South Koreans are reportedly more optimistic, trusting neither Trump nor Kim, but too hoping their unlikely combination could point decades of enmity and fright.

    But there’s nothing in Trump’s history, or Kim’s, to vindicate too much hope of continuous progress toward lasting peace.

    Bonus Summit Reading : Trump might get an approval-polling raise from all of this. But autobiography substantiates those tend to fade immediately, warns Al Hunt . Just question two-term President George H.W. Bush, who are ousted Saddam Hussein from Kuwait and successfully navigated the end of the Cold War.

    Megadeal Overload

    Medical-device maker Stryker Corp. has reportedly offered roughly $60 billion( including obligation) to buy Boston Scientific Corp. And that ridiculously large sum would only be the third-largest announced this year, points out Brooke Sutherland .( The year’s biggest distribute, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.’s $ 80 billion offer for Shire PLC, might hitherto get even bigger, writes Chris Hughes .) It would also gave us on gait for a record number of “megadeals”- those worth $10 billion or more 😛 TAGEND

    Executives and bankers generally claim such agreements solve problems and create opportunities. But often they’re just requesting comically big, county-fair sledgehammers to troubles better solved with a scalpel, writes Brooke.

    Lost in the Amazon

    Yesterday, we mentioned how not much had changed at Whole Foods since Inc. bought it a year ago. Today, Shira Ovide points out one large-hearted rationale for this: Amazon’s grocery strategy is still a big honking mess:

    ” If a Prime subscriber in Dallas misses a pound of Whole Foods brand butter given, he had been able to say it from Whole Foods and an Amazon courier would bring it to his doorway. In Boulder, Colorado, where Amazon doesn’t have its own transmission alternative, the butter customer is directed to set up an account with Instacart Inc ., a food-delivery startup that had a partnership with the pre-Amazon Whole Foods. In Philadelphia, shoppers can have the same part delivered from Whole Foods or from AmazonFresh, the company’s decade-old grocery bringing service thathasn’t observed its ground. In New York, shoppers can buy a duo dozen butters( only not the Whole Foods brand) from PrimeNow, Amazon’s one-or-two-hour delivery service on hand-picked entries .”

    Got it?

    No More Fed-By-Numbers

    In tomorrow’s meeting, Federal Reserve policy makers will probably grow their target short-term interest rate to 2 percent- a long way from the zero-percent charge that prevailed from the financial crisis until the end of 2015. Unfortunately, the easy part of the Fed’s post-crisis job is over, write Bloomberg’s writers . Now it has to figure out what the” neutral frequency” in the best interests is- the one that neither animates nor hurts the economy. Good luck with that.

    Repaving the Silk Road

    In part three of Hal Brands ‘ s serial on China’s rise as a world-wide superpower, he looks at how China is preceding brand-new establishments to counterbalance Western affect. This attains after decades of forestalling or taking back-seat personas in such Western fiscal machines as the World Bank and IMF. Now is a pretty impressive show of one such act 😛 TAGEND

    Chart Attack

    Brexit has been a disaster for British stocks, writes Chris Hughes .

    Speed Round

    Foreign money managers want to manage money in China. It won’t be easy.- Nisha Gopalan

    China has not had a used-car sell, but that’s changing- a good thing for the environment.- Adam Minter

    The brand-new finance minister of Italy has a surprisingly chummy relationship with Germany’s finance minister. It could save the euro area.- Ferdinando Giugliano

    States , not all federal departments, should see bowl prosecution.- Ramesh Ponnuru

    The purpose of the corporation isn’t lobbying.- Justin Fox


    If nothing else, the Trump-Kim summit at least gave us this video.

    Liking sportz can be about so much more than simply get stoned and cheering for laundry: A national plays team’s success can heal ethnic segments, writes Cass Sunstein . Too bad the U.S. blew its chance to be in the World Cup.

    Speaking of the Football world cup, there is FiveThirtyEight’s previews of Group D( performing Argentina) and Group E( starring Brazil ).

    Plate tectonics may be essential for the evolution of complex life.( h/ t Barry Ritholtz ‘ s newsletter)

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