The best comedy podcasts for when you want to laugh

Find a slapstick podcast that’ll constitute you laugh in public with no dishonor .
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Life is hard. The news is stressful. And sometimes you merely necessitate a shatter from* gestures universally at everything happening in the world right now .*.

Fortunately for anyone looking for a bit of escapism of the madness of daily life, we have two terms for you: comedy podcasts.

While there are heavy-hitter comedy substantiates like The Nerdist , Comedy Bang Bang , and WTF With Marc Maron , there are currently a multitude of other podcasts that will help you digest what’s happening in the world, expose the absurdity what’s happening in the news and pop culture, and ultimately leave you in fits of laughter.

Some of these shows flood current events and some of them will give you( excessively questionable) admonition, but no matter what, these 11 podcasts that they are able to start you laugh your ass off.

1. My Dad Wrote A Porno

My Dad Wrote A Porno has a solely explanatory deed: emcee Jaime Morton been observed that his pa had a secret diversion of writing erotica. So Morton did what any person would do: read it out loud and broadcast it to the world.

In addition to reading from his dad’s volume, Morton is to participate in two friends — James Cooper and Alice Levine — who deconstruct what happens in each chapter, swapping between hysterically laughing at some of the more outrageous areas of the book to deadpan analysis of our exponent Belinda Blumenthal and her adventures.

Tl ;d r, it’s very awkward and terribly NSFW podcast about what happens when you detect the sex fantasy of your parents. How can you not laugh at that ?!

( Author’s note: This podcast literally had me chuckling in the street while listening. Sorry to the Brooklynites that I startled with my rapid outbursts .)

Episode to start with : “The Job Interview”

2. Keep It

Crooked Media may have propelled with a batch of politics proves, most notably Pod Save America , but if you’re not listening to the network’s pop culture substantiate Preserve It , you’re absolutely missing out.

Hosted by journalist Ira Madison III, who is often joined by Kara Brown and Louis Virtel, the show is a weekly consideration podcast that breaks down what’s happening in the entertainment world.

The title comes from Madison’s Twitter catchphrase “keep it, ” which is the two-word clap back Madison uses to shut down the trash news that comes through his Twitter feed. But what builds the support extremely good is the extreme amount of chemistry between the panelists as they ply pop culture analysis that’s simultaneously careful, remorseless, and hilarious.

Episode to start with : They Cancel Roseannes, Don’t They ?

3. Baby-Sitters Club Club

Aaaaahhh recollect the Baby-Sitters Club , that classic ‘8 0s and ‘9 0s children’s diary line about a group of babysitters who are just trying to earn a horse while at the same time dealing with the challenges presented by growing up. Well, have you read those books again recently, as young adults?

Hosts Jack Sheppard and Tanner Greenring have, and wow, those journals are good-for-nothing looks just like you remember.

Each week in The Baby-Sitters Club Club , Shepherd and Greenring predict one of Ann M. Martin’s classic fictions, and deconstruct it. But what starts the indicate so comical are the many hypothesis that Shepherd and Greenring generate about what’s actually going on in the town of Stoneybrook. Is the Baby-Sitters Club marxist? And are the characters privately in a parallel universe that’s actually a beehive? Who knows, but after listening to this podcast, you won’t be able to read The Baby-Sitters Club the same nature again.

Episode to start with : Kristy’s Great Idea

4. Judge John Hodgman

Sometimes life hurls you a curve ball, and you precisely requirement a little bit of opinion. And that’s where Judge John Hodgman comes in.

In the podcast, comedian John Hodgman( who you may know as PC from those early aughts Mac vs. PC business) settles the petty grudges that harvest of in our era to day lives.

Whether he’s deciding if a bride should be freed of her lifelong accordance to cause her husband ordering the transcends of the pizzas they ordering or whether it’s okay to meditate at work, Hodgman delivers very serious rules to very ridiculous debates that’ll leave you in stitches.

Episode to start with : Pizza Parley

5. Lovett or Leave It

Sometimes the best way to deal with report is to laugh at it, and for anyone who wants to poke fun at current events, there’s Lovett or Leave It . Each week, emcee Jon Lovett is to participate in comics, journalists, and more to “deal with whatever bullshit came running over the transom in our breach, insane political ordeal factory.”

Episodes are registered live in front of an audience and include a mixture at the end of the debates, pop quiz, and plays, which means you’ll be just as informed as “you think youre” entertained.

Episode to start with : Rudy Giuliani, Esquire

6. The Read

You know those conversations with your best friend that get crazy because you maintain absolutely nothing back. That’s exactly what The Read is.

The show is a pop culture podcast hosted by love Kid Fury and Crissle. Each bout is composed of a few segments: “black excellence”( where the legions shout out good news that’s happening to the pitch-black community ), “hot topics”( which is a discussion of what’s happening in the pop culture ), “listener letters”( where Kid Fury and Crissle give advice to people who write in ), and the titular segment “the read”( where the emcees each rant about something that’s weighing on their minds ).

But what realizes the podcast so funny is that Kid Fury and Crissle will drag literally anything and everything. Passionate and irreverent, listening to The Read feels like hanging out with your friends.

Episode to start with : Beychella

7. How Did This Get Made

Have “youve been” watched a movie that’s even worse that you asked yourself “how the hell is this even real ?! ” If so, you’re not alone because that is the exact topic of How Did This Get Made .

Each week, actors Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas watch movies that are so bad they’re amazing and talk about it. And you know that appearing you get when “youre watching” an objectively bad movie and exactly deplete the entire season making fun of it with your best friend. That’s exactly what this podcast is, for 189 occurrences and counting.

Episode to start with : Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

8. All Fantasy Everything

You’ve heard of fantasy football. Maybe even fantasy The Bachelor and fantasy RuPaul’s Drag Race . But have you heard about a fantasy breakfast food enlist? Or a fantasy “Mike” draft( you know, who’s best available person worded Mike ).

Enter All Fantasy Everything . As the reputation suggests, the testify makes a fantasy drawings out of, well, everything. Then, host Ian Karmel along with a rotating direct of guests ponder each topic until a endorse is crowned.

Episodes are ludicrous, surprising, and sure to build you laugh.

Episode to start with : Fictional Sleuths

9. 2 Dope Queens

If you’ve ever wanted to see a humor depict but don’t have the time to go in person, we have three commands for you: 2 Dope Queens .

The show is part standup determine, segment exchange podcast hosted by comics Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. In each occurrence the duo talk about everything from online dating to the tiny room direction, which necessitates conferences are always recreation and varied. Additionally, chapters are recorded live, giving each exchange a performative elegance that’ll clear you feel like you’re carrying around a humor fraternity in your pocket as you listen.

Episode to start with : Sitting Too Close to Queen Latifah

10. Dear Hank and John

If you’re a human on the internet, “youre supposed to” know John Green and Hank Green, the brother duo that helped mold the YouTube world with their vlog sequence The Vlog Brothers. And then by launching VidCon. And then with John’s reached fictions The Fault In Our Stars, Turtles All The Way Down, Searching For Alaska, and more.

But did you know that the duo also has a podcast extremely? And it’s freaking hilarious.

Dear Hank and John is an advice podcast where Hank and John attempt to answer your most laughable interrogations, like “what are the rules of doctor-patient small talk” and “what do I do with 23 plastic moldings of my teeth.” In addition those bigger admonition segments, the show is chock-full of laughs disguising everywhere from their intro where they announce “the elephant in the room” to term of the week where each friend is is difficult to smuggle a utterance recommended by a listener into their exchange without the other brother acknowledge, which entails whether you’re a new listener or an old-time love, you’ll still find something fresh and new in each episode.

Episode to start with : Eleven Peas

11. Thirst Aid Kit

Listen, we all thirst. It’s human. It’s natural. And it’s the subjects of writer Bim Adewunmi and Nicole Perkins’ testify Thirst Aid Kit .

Thirst Aid Kit is a weekly about your cherish, sexuality, and your favorite fame boo thangs. The podcast is unapologetically filthy, as the legions talk about your grinds, read fan-fiction, and in general, share the thirst that we all know and feel.

Episode to start with : We Learned to Spell Jake Gyllenhaal

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