While You Were Offline: We’ll Always Have SingaporeOr Not

It’s been the week that ascertained journalists barred from government summits, sexual predator Harvey Weinstein turn himself in for seize, and Ireland go to the referendums over abortion. It’s also been the week where people have been recovering from a royal wedding and rejoicing over the Pope telling a gay soldier that God drew him that path–so, in the grandiose planned of things, it wasn’t … that bad? Time try to bear that in sentiment while reading what else the internet has been talking about this week.

They Don’t Respect Us, So Let’s Surprise Them

What Happened: All those who had their hopes pinned on an exciting new epoch of world peace had a very rough week.

Where It Stewed Over: Chirp, media reports

What Really Happened: Hey, remember that predicted June summit between the U.S. and North koreans that the White House was so proud of that it released a commemorating copper early( and then promptly walked away from it when people started “re making fun” )? Yeah, about that …