SNL Finale: De Niros Robert Mueller Confronts Baldwins Trump in Sopranos Finale Parody

Two weeks ago, Saturday Night Live presented its most star-studded freezing open perhaps ever, boasting the likes of Alec Baldwin’s President Trump, Ben Stiller’s Michael Cohen, Martin Short as Dr. Harold Bornstein, Kate McKinnon’s Rudy Giuliani, Scarlett Johansson and Jimmy Fallon’s Ivanka and Jared, and Stormy Daniels as … herself.

For this week’s season finale, SNL once again knocked stuffs off with a bang.

It opened at Holsten’s Restaurant in Bloomfield, New Jersey, with Alec Baldwin’s Trump plopping into a booth before putting on Journey’s” Don’t Stop Believin ‘,” in a mock of The Sopranos ‘ serial climax. He was soon to participate in McKinnon’s Giuliani.

” Don’t worry, I told them that you were openly colluding with Russia but then I ended with,’ So what !'” offered Giuliani of his nonsensical Fox News appearance( s ).

Stiller’s Cohen followed.” They replied I might get twenty years unless I give you up !” Cohen tells Trump.” Well, you can always develop inspect …”

” I would but … golf ,” acknowledgments Trump.

” Anyway, you gotta focus on the good times. Isn’t that what you once told me, boss? That’s why you told me to keep a reproduce of that Russian pissing tape ,” included Cohen.

The president’s enormous adult lads, Don Jr. and Eric, soon connected the group to toast” a great first year of the Russia investigation “– merely to have their debauchery ended by De Niro’s Robert Mueller participate and sitting in a corner kiosk.

Mueller comings, sees heart linked with Trump–in genuine Meet the Parents fashion–and then the screen reductions to black.

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