Mariners slugger Robinson Can banned 80 games for positive drug test

The eight-time All-Star second baseman has been suspended 80 sports by Major League Baseball after a positive research for the banned diuretic furosemide

Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano, an eight-time MLB All-Star and one of baseball’s highest-paid players, has been suspended 80 games after testing positive for a banned substance.

The office of the board members of baseball announced on Tuesday that Cano was suspended without spend effective immediately after measuring positive for furosemide, a weight-reducing diuretic likewise believed to be a masking operator, in violation of Major League Baseball’s seam remedy prevention and treatment program, a startling developed for the stalwart in the middle of the Mariners’ lineup and a sorority expected to contend for a playoff recognise in the American League.

Cano, 35, said in a statement issued on Tuesday through the Major League Baseball participates’ association that he” decided to accept the MLB’s suspension” despite receiving the substance from a licensed doctor in his native Dominican Republic to treat a medical ailment which he did not disclose.

” While I did not realize at the time that I was given a medication that was boycotted, I apparently now said that he hoped that I had been more meticulous ,” Cano said.

He contributed in the statement:” For more than fifteen years, toy pro baseball has been the greatest statu and privilege of “peoples lives”. I would never do anything to mislead the rules of video games that I love, and after undergoing dozens of dope assessments over more than a decade, I have never are positive for a act promoting substance for the simple reason that I have never made one .”

Because the substance involved was a diuretic, the next step was for Thomas Martin, the independent planned administrator hired by the MLB and the players’ association, is required to determine whether the use of furosemide was an attempt to” to replace, dilute, mask or adulterate a specimen or in any other manner vary a test”, according to the seam pharmaceutical program.

After Martin procreated that resolve, the union filed a grudge last month. The occasion was scheduled to be heard starting on Tuesday in Seattle before referee Mark Irvings, but the union informed MLB last Friday that Cano wanted to discontinue the grievance and reach a settlement, the person or persons responded. MLB elderly vice president Patrick Houlian and uniting deputy general counsel Matt Nussbaum then worked to reach such arrangements to accept the discipline.

If no games are deferred, Cano considered eligible to render 14 August at Oakland.

It’s the first major disturb in a occupation that has Hall of Fame potential. Cano was veering toward becoming one of the few current actors with a chance to reach 3,000 punches in his vocation and has been a consummate defensive standout, but now must deal with the stigma of a suspension.

” Robinson made a mistake. He has explained to us what happened, accepted the punishment and has apologized to the devotees, the organization and his teammates. We will support Robinson as he works through these new challenges ,” the Mariners said in a statement.

Cano is in the fifth season of a 10 -year, $240 m contract with Seattle which he ratified in December 2013 after nine prolific years with the New York Yankees. His loss of salary during the exclusion is expected to be around $11 m.

The timing of the postponement comes on the heels of Cano digesting the first substantial trauma of his tenure in Seattle. Cano territory on the disabled roll Monday after undermining a bone in his right hand after getting hit by a tar during Sunday’s game in Detroit. He was scheduled to meet with a hand professional in Philadelphia early Tuesday.

Cano can dish his suspension while on the disabled list but is now ineligible for the postseason should the Mariner get there and aim the longest playoff shortage in the four major professional boasts.

He is batting. 287 with 23 RBIs and 10 home run in 39 activities represented this season for the Mariners, who are currently in third place in the AL West, one and a half activities behind the division-leading Los Angeles Angels. He’s materialized healthier and quicker than the past few seasons when he’s played through leg traumata that from time to time restraint his range.

The use of furosemide led to the expulsion of Bulgaria’s entire weightlifting crew from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, which included the deprive of two medalists: men’s bronze winner Sevdalin Minchev and Izabela Dragneva, the first women’s weightlifting advocate in Olympic history.

Cano is the most prominent player to be busted since Melky Cabrera was suspended in 2012 while passing the International league for human rights in affecting. There ought to have 36 musicians deferred this year under the minor league dose platform and six in addition to Cano for the purposes of the big league program: Houston pitcher Dean Deetz, Washington catcher Raudy Read, Pittsburgh pitcher Nik Turley, Kansas City outfielder Jorge Bonifacio, Toronto pitcher Thomas Pannone and Minnesota shortstop Jorge Polanco.

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