Canal+ gives up on its cable box, switches to Apple TV

French premium cable television company Canal + is slowly moving away from improving its own set top boxes. As Next INpact spotted, you can now are in favour of Canal+ and get an Apple TV 4K with Canal+ ’s myCanal app once preloaded.

Canal+ has been around for decades and was the first premium Tv canals in France. Over the years, the company started dispersing all sorts of premium canals through spacecraft, cable and the partnership agreement with internet service providers.

While you were supposed to get your own Canal+ set top casket to receive Canal+ 15 years ago, the company’s own casket has slowly grown irrelevant. As all major French internet service providers give you a set top box, Canal+ has partnered with them to volunteer various add-ons to receive Canal+ ’s content.

When Canal+ announced its most recent manoeuvre, Canal+ already said that you’d get a better knowledge with the myCanal app on the Apple TV.

That’s why Canal+ is speculation everything on over-the-top dispensation. If you don’t are in favour of Canal+ through your ISP, you can get an Apple TV 4K for EUR6 per month in addition to your Tv box. If your internet attachment isn’t fast enough or you’d very use satellite Tv, you can still get a Canal+ set top box.

But the document is on the wall. Most people will soon watch Canal+ through myCanal on Android TV, tvOS, iOS, Android, a Samsung TV and desktop computers.

In France, Molotov and myCanal have been some of the top performing apps for tvOS and Android TV. This partnership could improve the Apple TV in France.

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