A 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan’s epic NBA career is coming to Netflix

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He’s the G.O.A.T. against which all other G.O.A.T. competitors are appraised. And now he’ll be the topics in a documentary series.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan threw both his support and his full participation for a 10 -part documentary serial about their own lives. The activity is a collaboration between Netflix and ESPN Films, with Andre the Giant documentary chairman Jason Hehir steering the ship.

Across 10 episodes, The Last-place Dance — that’s the claim — will explore Jordan’s career and legacy, focusing in vast component on his rise during the 1990 s when he played for professional basketball’s Chicago Bulls.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Hehir has access to “more than 500 previously unnoticed hours of footage” from the 1997 -1 998 NBA season, which marked Jordan’s final championship run with the Bulls. The news item also notes that “Jordan, other Bulls illustrations and dozens of athletics luminaries indicated on[ to provide] commentary.”

The Last Dance will be coming to Netflix sometime in 2019.

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