Seth Meyers Decodes The ‘Pee Tape’ News: ‘Oh My God. It’s Real!’

Former FBI Director James Comey’s pretension that President Donald Trump missed him to look into the alleged “pee strip” to prove it’s absolutely no truth to the rumors is simply mean one thing.

“Oh, my God. It’s real! It has to be, ” Seth Meyers said on Thursday, adding:

“Why would you ask the FBI director to investigate a pee-pee tape if people know for a fact that a urinate strip surely didn’t exist? It’s like me announcing,’ Can you make sure there isn’t a videotape of me in 1994 doing’ Thunder Road’ at karaoke and then barfing and then worsening on the barf and farting? ’”

The “Late Night” multitude too have also pointed out that Trump had a very interesting action when he was asked about the strip just days before his inauguration.

Check it out in the excerpt above.