Trump’s border wall gets annihilated, in the boxing ring

Francisco Vargas, on right, lands a pierce during a previous engage in 2016.
Image: Sean M. Haffey/ Getty Images

Mexican boxer Francisco Vargas suppressed their own borders wall on Thursday night.

His opponent, U.S. boxer Rod Salka, donned abruptlies speaking “America 1st” that were gilt with a brick wall design, a clearly defined reference to President Trump’s desire to construct a colossal strip wall between the U.S and Mexico, and have the latter commonwealth pay for it.

Vargas proceeded to dominate Salka, reaching the American with an uppercut in the fifth round that routed Salka wobbling. The next round, Vargas’ blows left Salka with a bad section under his left heart. After evaluate their smashed boxer, Salka’s instructors decided to throw in the towel before the seventh round could begin.

Following the fight, Salka’s face was covered in discolorations and trims. Vargas incurred some minor swelling, but emerged predominantly unblemished.

According to Salka’s Wikipedia sheet, which includes his complete professional boxing biography, his nickname now speaks “The Racist.”

Salka had previously been smashed by U.S. boxer Danny Oscar Garcia in 2014, who was born in Puerto Rico. Garcia knocked him to canvas in the second round.

Trump’s actual wall is still on limbo. The president has requested $18 billion to extend the wall over the coming decade. Some of the wall prototypes reach about 30 paws in height. As of yet, Congress has not approved this long-term funding for the wall.

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