After bashing Amazon deals, Trump orders investigation of U.S. Postal Service

The president issued an director require after hours last darknes, aimed at evaluating the U.S. Postal services. Quoting the mail service’s “unsustainable financial course, ” Trump’s order challenges a “thorough” task force evaluation of the USPS’s investments and procedures.

The service has been a long time talking point for Trump, with Twitter assaults dating back to 2013, where reference is bemoaned a planned goal of Saturday mail delivery. Of late, nonetheless, the Postal Service has seemingly been caught in the crossfire of his single-minded attack on Amazon.

Back in December, Trump called the USPS out on Twitter once again, saying it was “losing numerous billions of dollars a year, while billing Amazon and others so little to deliver their packages, realise Amazon richer and the Post Office dumber and poorer? ”

Of course, it’s worth noting that Amazon’s handles with the USPS aren’t so simple.

While, as The New York Times notes, the executive heads dictate doesn’t single out Amazon by figure, Trump has been ramping up affects on the online retail being. Much of that fury appears to be directed at benefactor Jeff Bezos, who too happens to own The Washington Post, a article that hasn’t ever depicted the president in flattering lighting.

In June, he mixed two of his favorite Bezos targets into a single, camel-cased hashtag, writing, “The # AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes referred to as the guardian of Amazon not compensating internet taxes( which they should) is Bogus NEWS! ”

Honestly, I could employ a cluster of other examples in here, but it’s likely easier to just link to this story Taylor did, mustering all of the times Trump has expended Twitter to take on Jeff Bezos. Get comfy, because it’s a long roster. The full exec guild, meanwhile, can be viewed here.

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