Facebook will exclusively stream 25 pro baseball games during the upcoming season

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If Facebook’s 2017 streaming slew with Major League Baseball was a home run, the coming season’s new deal is an easy grand slam.

The social network has property exclusive streaming freedoms for the broadcast of 25 MLB tournaments from the coming season, starting on April 4. That represents more tournaments on Facebook this year than there were last year( 25 now, vs. 20 then ), but exclusivity is the key here.

In the U.S ., Facebook will be the only place you can watch those competitions. They’ll be viewable through the MLB Live Facebook entrance, and will come with extras like highlight reels and team-specific recaps.

The first game, airing on April 4, will be a match-up between the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies. Additional games will follow on a weekly basis, with all of them airing during weekday afternoons. Facebook useds outside the country will likewise be able to watch the games on MLB Live, but the exclusivity only applies inside the U.S.

Clearly, the social network’s 2017 pact with MLB was a success. Last-place year, 20 recreations streamed in all, live their lives Friday lights. The 2018 transaction may move out of that prime Friday slot, but preparing Facebook the only residence to watch them is a big deal.

It’s too another triumph to notch for the social network. Even before the 2017 administer, Facebook had already been manufacturing moves toward streaming boasting occurrences. Professional baseball is certainly the biggest consider, but there are also streaming transactions in place for Mexican soccer, American football, table tennis, and Crossfit.

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