Maybe Joy Behar should apologize for this joke but not to Mike Pence.

Mike Pence and republican organizers want Joy Behar to apologize on behalf of “offended” Christians everywhere, but it is about to change that outrage is produced exclusively to value government points.

It all embarked back in February when “The View” co-host took part in a segment on whether the vice president’s theological attitudes are good for the country.

After two of her co-hosts scorned the VP for supposedly claiming to speak directly with Jesus Christ, Behar quipped, “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s announced mental illness, if I’m not correct — listening voices.”

Pence said that Behar and ABC should apologize to all Christians for using “The View” as “a forum for invective against religion like that.” Behar rationalized to Pence in a private phone call after poking fun at him.

Behar’s manager says Pence told her he wasn’t privately annoyed. “The vice president was very gracious and awfully understanding. He just knowing that Joy wasn’t assaulting anybody and that there was some miscommunication.”

The apology demand appears to have been a created safarus from a right-wing interest group.

Why did Pence supposedly disturbed such a different tone in private versus his harsher world observes?

It might have something to do with the Media Research Center, a conservative advocacy radical whose role seems to be to attack people and institutions in the media it appears manifest a bias against republican attitudes. Since Behar’s observes last-place month, the group has been unionizing a petition safarus among its members and has reportedly realise 30,000 accusation calls to ABC.

All of which seems a little curious, given that Pence abode Behar’s apology weeks ago.

Nonetheless, it’s possible Behar still owes an justification — but it’s not to the republican media activists now trying to create a controversy around a perceived persecution.

If Behar owes anyone an confession, it’s to those affected by mental illness.

Behar’s joke did shortcoming good taste, but not because she supposedly offended Christians. After all, no religion captains or organizations have publicly complained about her notes . Behar’s joke did paucity good taste, but not because she supposedly upset Christians. After all , no faith chairmen or organizations have publicly complained about her observations. Instead, Behar was insensitive to those with mental illness. These sorts of jokes and offhand mentions create stigma and prop up an culture that inflicts bear and even death upon people with mental illnesses.

Whether she was right or wrong, it was a good move on Behar’s behalf to offer Pence a public justification. And if the reports are accurate, it sounds like Pence too was kindly during their request.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that her laugh was absolutely not an attack of Christians or any of faith for that matter . Rendering spurious wrath to compose government places doesn’t looks a lot like the good samaritan thought to do.

Instead, the next positive step could be for Behar and Pence to agree that jokes referencing mental illness should remain off-limits, and they can take their political gaps elsewhere.

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