UK facing legal action over immigration exemption in DP bill

The UK’s data protection proposal is facing fresh debate and the risk of being legal action if the government does not trench suggested amendment which removes data protection privileges in instances where the Home Office deems it could prejudice “effective immigration control”. Or the “investigation or detection of tasks that would undermine the maintenance of effective immigration control”.

Digital civil right group the Open Rights Group( ORG) and the3million, a post-Brexit referendum formation preaching for the rights of European Union citizens living in the UK, have said today they find themselves launching formal legal action over the inclusion of the clause.

They disagree the exception signifies at least three million people across the UK would be unable to find out what personal data the Main office or other related arrangements hold on them, with the government be permitted to shield the data behind a claim of “effective immigration control” — risking cementing mistakes in the processing of lotions that could lead to immigrants being unfairly repudiated entering or behaved from the UK.

They too indicate the human rights clause is incompatible with the incoming EU General Data Protection Regulation( GDPR) — which the data protection money is intended to transpose into UK law ahead of the May 25 deadline for applying the regulation.( Although the government is obliging these specific provisions in a region scheduling exceptions from GDPR .)

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