Snapchat is testing hands-free mode and full-body AR lenses

They don’t crave you to use your hands .

Throw your hands in the air, and brandish them like you simply don’t care…because Snapchat is now humbly researching a hands-free mode.

The latest Snapchat beta app( version lets users take up to 60 seconds of video without having to hold down the record button during the duration of the recording.

To initiate the piece, users pulp the record button, then drag downward, and simply “lets get going”. Snapchat will still break up videos into 10 -second clips, a feature that is currently available for any chronicles lasting longer than 10 seconds.

The update does not appear in Snapchat’s app memoranda for beta consumers, but a prompt is displayed when a customer registers a video is in accordance with the states members of Snapchat’s beta program, who spoke to Mashable on the condition of anonymity.

Here’s what hands-free procedure looks like 😛 TAGEND

Snapchat’s prompt for using hands-free mode.

Image: screenshot/ snapchat

Screen after taking 60 -second video hands-free.

Image: screenshot/ snapchat

This new hands-free state is yet another decision by Snapchat that departs from how the app originally wreaked. Snapchat users formerly had to hold down a button on their smartphone screens to deem sounds and Floors, until an app revise in July 2015. But Snapchat consumers have evaded for a hands-free functionality for years, and it’s likewise something that Snapchat’s competitor Instagram Stories currently offers.

This update will eventually be given more freedom when they’re filming video. For lesson, gadget reviewers can now show off whatever device they’re bracing more readily. There are currently some workarounds that parties have been using, but a quick examination on Twitter for “snapchat hands free” discovered that countless are still entreat for the feature to be added.

In addition to the beta program release, Snapchat has also softly introduced a full-body AR camera to the official copy of the app( ). It’s an update to world lens boast, where users can use augmented world to contribute digital animations to their encloses. Now, the app moves the movement of items in front of the camera. For lesson, a current Snapchat lens of a storm cloud cause customers to look for a human body to sit an AR cloud above.

When Snapchat’s camera marks the body, it locates the cloud above the person and also will follow them as they move. Here’s an example 😛 TAGEND

Previously, Snapchat’s world lenses could move and change as the subscribers moves, doing them somewhat interactive. But Snap has been working more on epitome and video acknowledgment in the real world. In November, Snapchat quietly established brand-new filters that recognized what users were clicking and catered contextual strip or sticker.

As Snap continues to face competition from social beings Facebook’s Instagram and brand-new entrants, these informs are key to keeping the app fun and useful for useds.

The redesign, released earlier this year, hasn’t been received well from even steadfast Snapchat consumers, such as celebrity Kylie Jenner. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said the company’s priorities for 2018 are user expansion, material, and augmented actuality — all of which these updates punch.

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