Snapchat finally gives creators analytics

Snapchat has always been horrid at analytics, simply showing daily Story view counts that material founders had to screenshot just before they receded every 24 hours in order to attest their importance to sponsors. But starting today, tens of thousands makes who make official Tales or have huge followings will start picturing a batch of belief counting and demographic analytics on their Snapchat profile.

These new analytics include 😛 TAGEND Total Story Views in the past few weeks, month and time to date. Time Spent Viewing Floor in hours in the past week, month, and year to date. Daily unique narrative spectators, median epoch unique onlookers devoted watching, and attainment rates Audience demographics like gender dislocation, top age bracket, and top geographic regions Audience sakes like which lifestyle lists like film and Tv, food, manner, and sports their gatherings am worried aboutPosted in FootballTagged , , ,