So many drones flew at the Winter Olympics it broke a world record

The welcoming ceremony got a lot of monotones .
Image: intel

More than 1,200 monotones lighted up the sky at the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics.

That’s a Guinness World Record for the most unmanned hums flown simultaneously, drumming the previous record of 500 in Germany in 2016. Both records implied Intel’s Shooting Star drones.

The 1,218 -drone light show in South Korea was pre-recorded. Still, 300 of them made a live image at the opening ceremony, forming the shape of the Olympic rings.

Drones fly to determine the Olympic rings.

Image: intel

Intel’s drones–which each weigh a little more than half a pound–have pilot above crowds in Singapore, at the Super Bowl last weekend in the form of the American pennant, and at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles last year in the form of the Wonder Woman motto. They’ll pop up throughout the Winter Olympics during medal ceremonies.

More than 1,200 Intel Shooting Star dronings accomplished a light show at the Olympics opening ceremony.

Image: intel

Each of Intel’s foam and plastic hums is given with LED light-footeds that can create more than 4 billion emblazon combos. The sail is controlled by one computer and one pilot.

Image: intel

Looks like it’s amber for Team Drone.

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