Snapchats Snap Map comes to the web, including in embeddable form

The Snap Map is a feature that received a mixed reply when it landed in the Snapchat app, since it basically let you verify where all your best friend on the scaffold were at any given time- stipulated the latter are okay with sharing that info. Now, there’s a copy of Snap Map available for anyone to consider on the web, but it’s less about checking out where your pals are at, and more about media companies utilizing it as an interactive heatmap for real-time content.

The web-based map boasts public narrations from Snap Map, for the first time accessible outside of the app itself in a web-based overhead planned notion. Users can browse the map, and click on any accessible bubble to end the public story affixed from that sit( of course, being in Canada the first one I clicked on was from a junior hockey game ).

It’s a pretty neat way to check out any major events taking place nearby, including New York Fashion week, a legion of athletics competitions, and even the Monster Jam monster truck rally in Pittsburgh, apparently.

Snap is also hoping this will become a resource for media organizations hoping to drive commitment and stipulate real-time notions of information witness and books care about. There’s an embed piece, letting you quickly and easily get a tie-up or an actual insert system for inclusion in your own announces or website. You can see an example of what that looks like below, but mostly it equips a horizontal view as you’d get with Snap Map in the app, which you can expand to dominate the full screen.