Accused Killer: Teen Posted a Craiglist Ad Asking to Be Murdered

A man accused of killing a 19 -year-old Colorado woman claims she arranged a Craigslist ad asking to be murdered.

Joseph Lopez, 22, contends he didn’t know Natalie Bollinger before the Broomfield, Colorado, adolescent allegedly wrote a disturbing Craigslist berth.” I want to articulate a hit on myself ,” Bollinger reportedly wrote on her neighbourhood Craiglist’s” gals trying husbands” division in late December, according to an statement firstly reported by Denver7. Lopez claims he rebutted the upright posing as a hitman. Then, patrolmen say, his make-believe profession grew real.

Police attained Bollinger’s body in a wooded domain on a dairy farm on Dec. 29. Her boyfriend had reported her missing the previous day. The boyfriend’s Glock handgun was likewise missing from his home, he told police, according to the affidavit.

The teenager’s murder was a mystery from the start. An autopsy report uncovered her cause of death as a single gunshot wound to the ability. She had been shot from behind at close range, the missile angling downward, as if shelled from above. Although the bullet killed her, her postmortem also have also pointed out that Bollinger had” a potentially dangerous statu of heroin in the blood at time of death .”

The early investigation focused on a 42 -year-old man Bollinger had accused of stalking her.

” He drove across country to see me .. slept behind my work for weeks ,” Bollinger posted on Facebook two weeks before her demise.” When I told him I didn’t want to see him anymore, he cast me hundreds of textbooks and labels. He parked his auto in front of my house, obstructing Armed Highway for hours … laying on his horn .. he was arrested. Since then, I’ve asked him to leave me alone .. and he won’t. He’s routed emails for over a year close to everyday, molesting me. Constituting countless detail until I stymie him again. Threatening my family, tell people he’ll kill himself in front of me, and transporting my friends and family persecuting messages as well .”

But when police investigated “the mens” after Bollinger’s death, they governed him out as a believe, leaving the teenager’s loved ones to ponder who would have wanted her dead. Investigates had no answers until they checked her telephone, where they found 111 letters between her and Lopez on Dec. 28, the suspected daytime of her death.

That headed police to stop Lopez on his nature into his enterprise at a regional Domino’s Pizza on Thursday. Even before men originated cross-examine him, Lopez told them” he was sure it had to do with the girl he talked to on Craigslist ,” according to the affidavit.

Lopez described himself as an unwitting executioner. While browsing Craigslist’s” brides seeking souls” division, the engaged 22 -year-old reportedly witnessed an ad of the implications of” I want to place a hit on myself .” Lopez said he replied to the ad, utilizing a hit man personality. He reached Bollinger, who allegedly told him she would pay him to kill her execution-style.

Lopez offered investigators two versions of what happened next. He initially claimed he filled Bollinger, but backed out of the murder and lowered her off at her accommodation, after which she hit herself.

But police compiled GPS data from Lopez’s phone, targeting him in the remote lumbers where Bollinger vanished. Lopez backtracked on his story. He told police he had picked up Lopez from her suite, and tried to talk her out of the design while they drove around looking for a suitable website of death.

Eventually, Lopez claimed, they found the wooded field. He said they prayed before he hit her in the honcho with a firearm she provided.

On Facebook, Bollinger’s sister pushed back against Lopez’s claims.

” This being is covering up lies ,” her sister wrote Saturday.” Exclusively even worse than lying, he’s making my sister seek crazy. It’s disgusting .”

The Bollinger family is not yet speaking to the media, she said, but she reiterated that she imagined Lopez’s story to be a cover-up.” This was put up. This was a slaying ,” she wrote.” My sister did not chose this for herself or any of us .”

Lopez is being held on murder costs, without bail.

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