Report: Trump doesnt read his daily intelligence briefings


President Donald Trump should not spoke the daily intelligence briefing-which lays out information from around the world-and instead relies on being told the information out loud, according to a brand-new report.

The briefing, which is a collect of knowledge compiled by agencies and handed to the president every day, is traditionally spoken by chairmen, the Washington Post reports. However Trump, according to people with knowledge of his briefings, should not like the reports as it is not his preferred” mode of learning ,” the newspaper reported.

The presidential daily summary, or PDB, is a grouped summary of the report of the working from snoops and surveillance engineering intended to give the president the best info possible if and when they need to respond to crises.

Leon Panetta, the former defense secretary and head of the CIA for President Barack Obama, said Trump could miss framework if this is the only way relies on oral briefs each day.

” Something will be missed ,” Panetta told the Post .” If for some reason his instincts on what should be used are not backed up by the intelligence because he hasn’t made the time to read that intel, it increases the risk that he will make a mistake .”

Several administration officials pushed back against the idea that simply coming oral presentations each morning restrained his ability to lead.

Michael Anton, a National Security Council spokesperson said the president was an” avid customer” of intelligence and Daniel Coats, the director of national intellect, said Trump not being engaged in the PDB was ” unadulterated myth ,” the Post reports.

However, Trump’s aversion to dense, text-heavy, certificates has been known for months.

In May, it was reported that Trump prefers” assassin graphics” in his daily knowledge briefs and wants them to be as compressed as possible. As a outcome, lots of his information was presented using maps, maps, videos, and draws.

You can read all of the Washington Post report here.

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