Syfy’s ‘Krypton’ trailer has a surprising time-traveling star

The full trailer for Syfy’s Krypton is now, and we have some exciting story. Despite being set on an alien planet, decades in the past, they found a method to include a fratboy-looking chap in a baseball hat and a hoodie. You know, in case all the sci-fi/ fantasy stuff gets uncomfortably weird.

The guy in question is Adam Strange, a male from present-day Earth who somehow locates himself on countries around the world Krypton, hanging out with Superman’s grandfather Seg-El. The evidence follows Seg-El as he tries to rebuild his family’s honor while maintaining trade secrets liaison with Lyta Zod, an ancestor of the Superman villain General Zod.

DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns revealed the coming week that instead of has become a easy prequel, Krypton will play around with the familiar DC Comics timeline. By introducing Adam Strange as a hour traveler, they afforded themselves more leeway. By the look of things, Seg-El may front a choice between saving his planet and allowing it to explosion so Superman can exist.

Showrunner David S. Goyer (< em> The Dark Knight trilogy) said they have a” seven, eight-year contrive” for the depict, ambitiously describing it as” the gateway into the DC science fiction universe .”

The elite foreigner proposition has a slight Game of Thrones vibe; an compelling difference from DC’s more traditional superhero shows like Arrow and Supergirl . Then again, Marvel‘s Inhumans had same objects. There’s an indisputable hint of Inhumans here, ambiance down a fantasy conception with very generic-looking reputations in leather shells. Would it kill them to include more tinfoil attires or something?

Krypton arrives on Syfy on March 21.

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