He Faced Years In Jail After Vandalizing A Mosque. Then He Received Unexpected News.

Back in February, 19 -year-old Craig Wigginton and 20 -year-old Abraham Davis were arrested in Fort Smith, Arkansas, for offenses they committed against a place of worship the previous year.

In October 2016, the two, accompanied by another young man, vandalized the Masjid Al Salam, spray painting the mosque’s exterior with swastikas and loathsome commands. Fortunately, they didn’t get off with it, as the building’s certificate cameras preserved their offense. But despite the incredibly disrespectful play, the mosque’s masters still procured it in their stomaches to forgive the vandalism in a huge way.

For his actions, Davis was charged with felony first-degree criminal misbehaviour. Character of his repercussions for that were community service and a large fine.

Though Davis expressed sorrow and communicated a heartfelt defense letter to the mosque, he was having trouble paying for what he did — quite literally. He couldn’t afford the fine, which could have led to him spending years behind bars.

“We heard that he was having fiscal troubles, ” said Dr. Louay Nassri, chairperson of Al Salam. “Now if you don’t paying off penalize, you go to jail for six years old. We didn’t miss him to go to jail for six years.”

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