Megachurch Pastor Receives Standing Ovation After Confessing To ‘Sexual Incident’ With Minor WATCH!

On the same day Time’s Up advocate Oprah Winfrey received a standing ovation at the Golden Globes, Memphis pastor Andy Savage( illustrated above) got one very … but for very different reasons.

On Sunday, government ministers confessed to the flock at Highpoint Church in Tennessee that he was involved in a “sexual incident” with then-1 7-year-old Jules Woodson more than two decades ago.

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Savage recollections 😛 TAGEND

“As a university student on staff at a faith in Texas more than 20 years ago, I regretfully had a sexual happen with a female high school major in the church.”

His request for forgiveness receives an standing ovation from the audience.

Last week, Woodson opened up about her abuse in the Christian blog Watch Keep where she says the accident happened when Savage was driving her back home from church.

Instead, the pastor drove into a deserted back road, reached a dead end, and “unzipped his jeans and attracted out his penis.” The casualty echoes:

“He “ve been asked to” suck it. I was startled and perplexed, but I did it. I retain feeling that this must means that Andy cherished me. He then asked me to unbutton my shirt. I did. He started touching me over my bra and then elevated my bra up and began touching my breasts.”

After five minutes, Savage flowed out of the vehicle, went down on his knees, and required that she not “tell anyone” and “to make this to the grave.”

Although Jules told a clergyman about the incident, she was reportedly instructed to keep quiet. Mortal left the church weeks later.

Inspired by the # MeToo movement, the victim wrote the religious leaders an email in December 2017 with the subject path “Do you retain? ” Harmonizing to CBS News, Savage finally answered on Monday with an apology.

As to why she complied with his sexual solicits, Woodson tells the network 😛 TAGEND

“I did it because I was scared and I was in collapse and I didn’t understand what was happening.”

Even though Savage apologized, Woodson says it “does not change the fact that what happened to me was against the rules and that it was wrong.”

On Tuesday, Highpoint Church issued a statement saying “there will be additional information from Andy and the church soon.”

WATCH the shocking excerpt( below ):

[ Image via CBS Evening News/ YouTube .]