New Mexico School Shooter Had Secret Life on Pro-Trump White-Supremacy Sites

In real life, William Edward Atchison–people announced him Bill–lived in a bit yellowish live with his mothers, about a mile away from the Giant gas station where he worked and from Aztec High School, where he hit and killed him two students and then himself last Thursday.

At the murder scene, police saw a thumb drive with a was pointed out that read,” If circumstances depart is in accordance with intention, today would be when I vanish. I go somewhere and gear up, then accommodate a class hostage and go apeshit, then blow my psyches out .”

He wrote” exertion sucks, academy suctions, life sucks. I exactly want out of this shit .”

” It’s a shame he wasn’t on our radar ,” San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen told Fox News last week.” I don’t think he had anything so much as a transaction ticket .”

And yet online, the 21 -year-old New Mexico resident lived a prolific life as a white supremacist, pro-Trump meme pusher who was most known for his infatuation with institution shooters. For a half-decade, Atchison invested most of his epoches online, frequently affixing threats of violence and bellows for help.

When customers viewed uprights from Atchison, who went by dozens of reputations like” Adam Lanza” and “Future Mass Shooter” on both large pulpits like YouTube and racist communities like The Daily Stormer, they would often ask how his proclamation was going.

Despite local law enforcement’s claims that he wasn’t a known threat, and a inspect from the FBI in 2016, Atchison depleted most of the last half-decade praising clas crap-shooters on alt-right websites and posting plaintive appeals for help in cooking their own lives, according to the thousands of announces analyzed by The Daily Beast.

At EncyclopediaDramatica, a Wikipedia-style site for periphery internet users to describe memes and in-jokes in detail, he volunteered as a SysOp, the site’s statement for an administrator. Atchison’s page , now replete with his screen refer @satanicdruggie and his real name, is filed under the” An Heroes” region, reserved for people who have killed themselves.

On the alt-right gatherings and love groups he frequented, Atchison appears to have represented numerous opponents. Despite last-minute becoming a moderator of the area, one of Atchison’s most popular EncyclopediaDramatica reports, AlGore, was prohibited from the website for two years when it was labeled as a “troll.”

And in the run-up to the 2016 election, EncyclopediaDramatica customers excoriated Atchison for abusing his supremacies as a SysOp of the area. Useds were upset he was appending too many pro-Columbine shooting memes and” shitty facebook commentaries” admiring Donald Trump on the site’s home page.

In the thread, as it often did with powwows about Atchison’s last accounting @satanicdruggie, those discussions inevitably turned back to his preoccupation with institution shootings.

” Do you fantasize about shooting up the bullies at your school ?” one user asked.

” Yah i retain him literally boasting about being* haunted* with Columbine ,” a consumer reacted.” In 2016.”

” Have you completed your manifesto hitherto ?” another asked.

Atchison even spread his affinity for institution shootings and Nazi ideology in more sterilized parts of the web.

On Steam, an online video game storage and society, Atchison squandered the reviews section to criticize Wolfenstein activities, which are set in World War II-era Germany.

” I find this recreation most offensive for peculiarity mass murder against your own scoot ,” he wrote. In another scrutinize, he simply wrote,” RIP Hitler .”

In a review of Doom II, Atchison referred to the Columbine shooting as “LOLumbine.” His scrutinize for the game Hatred, video games which was initially gathered from Steam because the main character’s goal is to” slaughter innocents ,” plainly predicts” ur going to ALL pay .”

And his recent poles indicated what seems to be a movement from trolling to honest espousal of an extreme right-wing political dogma.

In November, Atchison wrote on Steam,” How am I supposed to function in this world-wide? Wherever I get, I read degeneracy. Pointless materialism, sensuality, sexual decomposition, unclean n ** gers who do nothing but gradually break down this society etc. it’s fucking everywhere. No method to escape it, 99% of parties are part of it and whatever I do I am confronted with the death of the West. Exit to the accumulation and buy groceries in armistice? Nope, here’s a group of LGBT radical crud in line with you. And there’s a n ** ger category with 10 girls over there. And a Finn more, but he’s overweight as fucking and he’s buying alcohol and shit junk food. Fucking fantastic.

” I used to think that this was a stage and we’d get over it, but I have now come to realize that I was born into a literal dystopia .”

On Kiwi Farms, a meeting that describes itself as a sit for” gab and using of the mentally handicapped for gratification intents ,” Atchison often affixed commemorations of mass shooters. Two daytimes before his own clas shooting, under his username” Fuck You ,” Atchison announced an explicit sexual respond endorsing Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, a failed mass shooter from Halifax, Nova Scotia.( Atchison applied a photo of Kiwi Farms administrator Josh Moon as his sketch image for Steam .)

On YouTube, Atchison acknowledged he announced anonymously on pro-Trump, white-supremacist websites like 4chan’ s/ pol/ card or The Daily Stormer, but gave up when discipline registrars restrained shutting down The Daily Stormer’s domain names. He, along with most of The Daily Stormer’s parish, said the locates were “shoa’d,” an anti-Semitic slur.

“[ I’m] on different youtube canals, anonymous berths on the chans, or my work on ED ,” he said.” Formerly DS before it came shoa’d and I’m too lazy to get TOR again .”

Atchison had also posted on, a forum for the Minecraft-like multiplayer video game, since 2014. His more than 40 usernames were meant to upset. Almost everyone is prejudiced or brutal by design. Various were modeled after school crap-shooters, including Cho Seung-Hui, Omar Mateen, Adam Lanza, Elliot Rodger, and Anders Breivik. He also went by “School Shooter” and “Future Mass Shooter.”

Ryan Lenz, who observes detest the organizations and extremism for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said Atchison’s pattern is typical of white-hot extremists–even if his years-long repository of school-shooting proclamations might be unprecedented.

” Generally, mass crap-shooters expend a period of time prior to their war drenched in studying previous shooters. They analyse the aftermath of these souls. They have a great deal of honour or respect for others who have done the same ,” said Lenz.

” Add in the ideology, in this case these forums–it combinations the severity and the rate of radicalization .”

Lenz said the cocktail of brutal rhetoric, mental illness, and financial melancholy is what leads to “mobilization,” the word experts use for the change from radicalized online rant to real-life behavior.

” What we’ve noticed with these doctrines is that they repeatedly lead to brutality. There’s a dual course of radicalization happening ,” said Lenz.” To engulf yourself in Daily Stormer rhetoric and the sites like it is to put yourself in the headspace of where the brutality is when not if .”

In his final dates, Atchison squandered “Sam Hyde” as his flaunt honour, the list alt-right useds on websites like 4chan and Twitter employ in an effort to defraud the media into sharing false information after mass shootings.

” The internet has changed a lot of things. Become it much easier for an alienated, isolated boy to locate societies where they detect they belong ,” said Lenz.” And it sometimes moves rampant because of how the alt-right has presented itself: It’s just irony. It’s for the lulz .”

On EncyclopediaDramatica, Atchison likewise appears on the entry for Bob8 466, or Carter Boyles of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a 15 -year-old who hit and killed himself at his high school on Sept. 11, 2016. Atchison, who announced himself a friend of Boyles on YouTube and the video game site Steam, wrote the Bob8 466 EncyclopediaDramatica entry after the Iowa teen’s suicide.

” It is believed that[ Boyles] was calmly talked down from becoming postal, instead regrettably choosing to make his own life and becoming an[ sic] superstar to us all ,” Atchison wrote under the username AlGore.

Like Atchison, Boyles was active on Steam and on YouTube, where he announced videos of simulated academy shootings. In Boyle’s final video, a first-person walkthrough of the school where he killed himself, online acquaintances gathered to affix statements in memoriam.

” Suicides are ignored ,” Atchinson wrote, for the purposes of the appoint Vance Stone.” Suicidal people who commit mass murder, however, get the entire world’s attention, garner millions of supporters/ fangirls, become a household name and become celebrities.

” His action of suicide was unfortunate and it’s a shame he had to go out like that, because he was pretty damn cool when I chatted to him .”

Boyle wasn’t Atchison’s only school-shooter pal, according to “Smith,” a YouTuber from Texas who meditated Atchison a sidekick. Smith’s channel,” Aesthetic Autism ,” peculiarity principally footage of war synced to music, and he registered but has not released a podcast with the New Mexico murderer.

Smith told The Daily Beast that Ali Sonboly, the girl who shot and killed him nine parties in a Munich McDonald’s last year, was also a member of the Steam group that he and Atchison started, called the Anti-Refugee Club.( Smith claims the group–which was taken down two months ago–wasn’t racist but” mainly satire .”)

“[ Atchison] wasn’t alt-right. He wasn’t a neo-Nazi ,” Smith said in a direct sense.” Bill detested both sides … His ardours mingle with his politics.

” He was edgy, he was offensive, and he was scandalou. He said a lot out of pure offend, but I didn’t think he’d be so stupid enough to do what he did ,” Smith said.

That sickening content created the FBI to Atchison’s door in 2016.

Acting on a gratuity that Atchison had announced a comment on a gaming gathering requesting consumers where he had been able to get” a inexpensive assault rifle” for a mass shooting, the FBI interviewed him and members of their families, and ultimately determined that no crime had been committed and closed the investigation.

” He was cooperative ,” Albuquerque FBI Special Agent Terry Wade said at a news conference last week.” He told us that he enjoyed trolling on the internet.

” The operators specifically asked him if he had proposals about attending onrushes and conveyed the seriousness that we make these type of things. He assured us that he had no such proposals ,” Wade said.

Atchison described the visit on his YouTube channel, writing in specific comments,” I was part of the trolling and lulz … the feds probed me cus some faggot reported my chart to troll me … they said they didn’t think I was a serious threat and understood the wit …”

The Daily Beast contacted out to Agent Wade about Atchison’s online action. Wade’s spokesperson cited a reporter to the San Juan County sheriff and said here FBI wouldn’t have considerably comment on the bag at this time.

Brice Current, a skipper at San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, said they were just beginning to process the misdemeanour background and Atchison’s home, at which they expropriated his computer and Xbox 360. As for a inducement, Current could have been belief.

” We don’t have a motivating other than it was planned ,” Current said.” He apparently did something in their own lives where he came up with this plan and doctrine and went through with it. Online gaming, or the people he associated with, or what. This was his contrive and I don’t know, I don’t know. I genuinely don’t think he had a motivating other than to be notorious in that macrocosm, whatever nature that is .”

Despite building up a honour for trolling on forums like EncyclopediaDramatica, Atchison took to other pulpits like LiveJournal in a sincere search for someone who would examine his yells for help.

On the website Think Atheist, Atchison designation his sole berth” Stuck in a Rural Redneck Town” in September 2014.” I don’t want to be pathetic or anything but I was likely to come out about all this ,” he wrote.

Under the mention Demetrius Alcala, Atchison summarizes his limping vocation and social life in rural areas in New Mexico. He applied to fast-food eateries and dollar collects and was repudiated. He hadn’t had pals since childhood, when two parties took advantage of him after he lent them video-game consoles that were sold or weren’t granted back.

He had a 3.5 GPA, he said, but descended out in 10th score because of suspicion and the” backwards as blaze ” culture at school. He says he tried to go back but plummeted out again, quoting his abusive family.

He announced his father a” fatten sleepy dumb who watches fox news the working day” and his mother ” a psycho hillbilly sucks from florida who’s really mentally ill .”

Two years before the FBI toured his home, and three years before he killed two beings in a New Mexico high school, Atchison pleaded for the recommendations on how to fix his life.

” Look, I’m sorry if I’m rude and nasty or anything, but I don’t know what to do. I’ve lived no life for practically 19 times, the majority of members of which was in the sad ass sun-belt. Did you know new mexico has the fourth highest suicide charge ?” Atchison wrote.

” Should I escape this drop or deal with it? How can I become polite and originate some pals out there in this life ?”

Over 230 beings contemplated the affix. No one responded.

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