FriendO, a quiz app with risqu questions, is going viral with teens

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There’s a brand-new “quiz app” leading viral with teens that’s a lot more NSFW than tbh.

Called FriendO, the app lets users compete in “quizzes” to find out who their “real friends” are — and teens are going crazy for it.

Sort of like a non-anonymous edition of tbh, which Facebook acquired last-place month, FriendO has been descending up the App Store charts over the last month.

The app has a number of “categories” that sidekicks can quiz one another on, such as what their favorite foods and plays are, or other personality mannerisms. Users take turns answering questions about one another, and they’re then ranked in an in-app leaderboard, which shows their ratings.

“See if Johnny truly knows what you like to eat, or if Becca really knows your favorite athletics team, ” the app writes in its App Store description. “Only real love will move up each others’ FriendO grading card! “

Though FriendO is geared towards younger teenages — the app’s periods of service state that users are required to be 13 or older — there are some NSFW “categories” of issues that any user can unlock by inviting three friends to participate the app.

One, called “MSFK” — short for “marry, gender, acquaintance, kill — quizzes useds on what they’d preferably do with a caused luminary.

Another R-rated category, simply announced “dirty, ” has queries like “In berthed, I am..” and “if forced to, I’d instead watch a blatant porno starring…”( one of the accessible explanations includes “my 7th evaluated math teacher” ).

Image: FriendO

Image: friendo

It’s not clear what, if anything, the app does to screen these questions for younger consumers. When you select a question from one of the NSFW categories, the app does ask for the other person’s dispensation before establishing them the question, but it doesn’t appear to restrict content from younger users if both sides opt in.

This only seems to have helped FriendO’s popularity, though, with many reviewers specific calling out the “dirty” categories in its consideration of the report. And the app is among the most popular apps in the App Store right now. It’s currently graded numeral 5 in social media apps and last week reached the #15 sentiment for all apps( it’s currently sitting at #46 ).

While the app’s slipshod pattern — its in-app icons look like the latter are pulled straight-shooting from a generic app-creation template — make it tantalizing to label FriendO as a generic ripoff of tbh, the app actually predates tbh by about a year. About 84 percentage of its 580,000+ downloads have come in the month of November alone, according to app analytics provided by app marketing house Sensor Tower.

Still, FriendO appears to have benefited from the success of tbh — the app only embarked taking off in the App Store and Google Play in the last month, around the time tbh was acquired by Facebook.

It’s not clear who is behind the app. FriendO’s website is little more than a landing sheet with links to its iOS and Android app, as well as periods of service. A link to the app’s blog incomes an error sense. Messages sent to the app’s Twitter account and patronize email were unanswered at the time of writing of this writing.

Whoever it is, though, seems to have a triumphing formula with teens who are using the app as yet another way to “gamify” their friendships and find out what others think of them.

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